For the history lovers

I have a suggestion: When I research names, I generally do so for characters in novels. However, being an ardent historical fiction lover, I often wonder whether the name I select was in existence / usage at the time of my novel. Would it be possible to have a “first recorded usage” statistic with names? I imagine a year or a “ca” posted for when the name was first recorded as a first name. Or a “usage history” blurb if, like the name [name_f]Abigail[/name_f], they went out of usage as a name for a given time period. Such a statistic would be monstrously helpful. I haven’t found this sort of thing on any other naming site either.
I think parents might find it useful as well if they are search for a solid “historical name”.

Ooh, this would be incredibly helpful. I second the suggestion

I think it is an excellent suggestion! I third the suggestion! (Wait, can I do that?)