Forgiveable or unforgivable?

You say whether the above thing is forgivable or unforgivable and then suggest the next thing

I will start
Dropping litter

unforgivable imo


Depends on the reason and the consequences. If you go 100 mph and kill someone it’s unforgivable, but if you don’t notice the speed limit has changed and you’re going 10 miles over then it’s forgivable.

Accidentally stealing a 5 dollar item form a store due to a misunderstanding?

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Cheating on a test?

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Breaking up with your partner because you think (s)he is too good for you?

definitely forgivable, but don’t do that! If they are dating you they aren’t too good for you :slight_smile:

lying on a resume?

Forgivable, but only if it’s a slight exaggeration, like if you say you have experience tutoring, even though you’ve only ever helped your siblings with homework

Teasing your friend, even after they’ve asked you to stop?

Forgiveable until it become bulling

Tripping someone as a joke?

Depends- if you trip them in a carpeted area and they’re fine, forgivable, but if you trip them on concrete and they get hurt, NOPE.

Yelling at a toddler?

Forgivable if the toddler forgives them

Ignoring a text?


Eating the last piece of cake that wasn’t yours?

Unforgivable :rage:
[name_m]Just[/name_m] kidding, forgivable, but I would be sad

breaking up with someone over text?

Unfortunately I have done it in my teen years and it’s definitely unforgivable. I still feel terrible for it.

Judge someone based on their appearance?

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Forgivable. Everyone does this, and if you say you don’t, that’s a lie. The important thing is whether you treat someone different based on those judgements

get in a physical fight?

For this one, I could argue both sides, but ultimately, it’s forgivable. You can’t always agree all the time, and though you could sort it out peacefully, that’s not always how life works. Everyone messes up, and everyone deserves grace.

Cheating (either in a relationship or on a test, you pick)?

cheating in a relationship- unforgivable, I would totally lose trust in a person after that
cheating on a test - forgivable, as long as they don’t end up being (indirectly) rewarded for it



Not liking the nn [name_u]Kit[/name_u]?

Absolutely unforgivable
(ok, maybe not)

Not returning something you borrowed from a friend (in time)?

depends on the item, but usually forgivable

procrastinating (yes I’m trying to make myself feel better)


disobeying parents?

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