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[name_m]Just[/name_m] as the titel says: Which former nameberry users do you miss having around? For me it’s mischa, blade, dantea, and lawsonhaley to name a few.


I haven’t seen @mellona in a while (several months) and i have missed her wonderful contributions

I miss @mischa too. And [name_u]Haley[/name_u] actually has a new account, she’s now @leafsgirl44 and a part of our moderation team. :point_up: :smiley:


@SofiaSweden @moonstone I do! I switched accounts from LawsonHaley as I wanted a fresh start when I was with my ex-partner and became ThisHollywoodGirl because I wanted a username not tied to a band I liked when I was 17, then abandoned that (after notifying mods ofc!) when he and I split and became Leafsgirl44 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I miss @oliviasarah, @nooshi and @meyera4 myself, as I used to talk to them quite often on my old account!

Awww… this is so bitter sweet! I wish that I’d been around long enough to miss people!

I quite miss @thefairophelia. Maybe we’ll get lucky and she’ll have a baby #4 that we can help name. :slight_smile:

I miss @sleepysessha @auroradawn @dantea and a few others whose usernames I’ve forgotten. One was a former mod from the Liverpool area, I think she had a shorter username? And then I used to talk a lot with a user that had a photo of legs in black tights as her avatar.

Look at you being all sneaky with a new name!! I hope you’re doing well my friend! :kissing_heart:


I like to be stealthy :tipping_hand_woman:t3: hope you’re doing well as well!! :kissing_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: drop me a pm sometime!! :sparkling_heart:

I thought that it was you! You have a pretty distinct style and taste.

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I had to dig a little, but @thomasina always had such an interesting style that I could appreciate. I don’t think we ever personally talked but I would recognize even one of her children’s names easily.

I do :joy: I’ll admit, I circle back to the same names no matter what I seem to do :joy:

@southern.maple I just remembered the mod you’re talking about - I think her username was renrose??

Aw! I’m still around, but only once in a blue moon. Ironic that now I’m actually having my children, I don’t make the time to play with names that I used. Good thing I laid a firm foundation before I got married, haha! Loved your comment on [name_m]Tobias[/name_m]’s birth announcement.
I miss the community, for sure. It was a wonderful feeling to “meet” a bunch of other folks who not only understood my obsession but were willing to talk about it to almost any length. As far as names I remember, I too miss @dantea and @blade. And is @ashthedreamer still around?

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Yes, ma’am, I certainly am! Not with as much regularity as I had been years ago, but I still like to check in for inspiration and the community. Nice to see you around these parts! :heart:

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I miss [name_f]Sashi[/name_f]…I don’t remember her username.

So many! I can’t remember too many specific user names at the moment (although I know some of them have already been mentioned). But every time I go back and look at old posts for name ideas without having to open a new thread-which is very often-and I see their names I’m always like aww! I miss them :frowning:

I miss @mischa, @OpheliaFlora, renrose, @omri and @luneth from the top of my head!

I miss @daffodils_and_sunflo! Also, @courtney_lee was a good NB friend of mine, and I always loved @dantea’s posts.

@ashthedreamer @Adelina_Sophia @elifsu @books_and_tea @wanderine and @sofiaishere: you guys always posted interesting things back in 2018/19, I’m glad y’all are still around!


and @winterdragon04 has barely been around…she was a fellow writer and teenberry. I loved her honest opinions and wonderful contributions and names! If you see this, [name_f]Isabelle[/name_f], I really miss you!

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