Found cool quiz for feminine names in 16th Century + other name quizzes
^ Found this quiz on Sporcle, thought it might interest fans of historical names (and you can test your knowledge of them!) You can also, if you search Sporcle, find quizzes on the top 100 for each recent year, recent decades, etc. More here:


[name]Ah[/name], I love going to Sporcle and doing the name quizzes! I also made a top 100 girl names ([name]France[/name], 2006) For those interested, here is the link:

EDIT: I took the 16th century girl names quiz… didn’t do as well as I thought. Oh well, at least I got the top 6 or so. (by the way, I got 11/25)

I felt incredibly dumb for not guessing [name]Agnes[/name] at the end of that…

I got 21/25 I was shocked at how well I did!!