What do you all think of the name [name]FOX[/name]?

As a canadian, theres [name]Terry[/name] [name]Fox[/name]… a national hero. As well, Im a HUGE HUGE admirer of [name]Michael[/name] J. [name]Fox[/name], and both bf and I are [name]David[/name] Duchovny/X Files fans([name]Fox[/name] Mulder)

If I were to use it, it would most likely be a mn. but Im just curious… whats everyones thoughts on [name]FOX[/name]?

I think it would be fine as a middle name, but I definitely wouldn’t use it as a first name.

It would make an awesome middle name, and maybe nn for something

I love [name]Fox[/name]!

[name]Fox[/name] is on my list, but I probably wouldn’t have the guts to use it as a first name. But, yes, DEFINITELY as a middle name!

As a middle name, I say go for it.