Francis Beauregard

This just popped into my head! Nickname [name]Frankie[/name] or [name]Frank[/name]…wdyt?

Never considered [name]Beauregard[/name] before but it’s cute in the middle!

Honest opinions welcome!

I think [name]Frank[/name] short for [name]Francis[/name] is impeccably classic.

I love [name]Beauregard[/name] a lot, even as a FN, but its a bit of a guilty pleasure. (Hey, this is nameberry, I like [name]Lysander[/name] and [name]Demetrius[/name], I can like [name]Beauregard[/name] too, right? Right…? Where’d everybody go…)

However, [name]IRL[/name], I am not really an authentic background for either. And if I’m stretching that far, I’d probably go [name]Beauregard[/name]. In for a penny, and all that.

The more I think about it the more I like it. Solid but whimsical, no?

[name]Beauregard[/name] has a romantic, Southern sound to me.

[name]Beauregard[/name] has [name]Beau[/name]/[name]Bo[/name] available as an easy-going, approachable boyish NN, but the full name it a bit of weight, history, and charm.

My first thought was, that’s a gorgeous name! It has a very classic, historical sound to it.

Sounds very… upper-crust to me!

In a bad way? Like snobby or overly fancy? Or sophisticated?

Personally, I think [name]Frank[/name] is a major downgrade and I would never ever use it. [name]Francis[/name] [name]Beauregard[/name] is debonair and sophisticated while [name]Frank[/name]/[name]Frankie[/name] is the guy with a beer-belly and a perpetual plumber’s crack

I would call him [name]Beau[/name] or switch it to [name]Beauregard[/name] [name]Francis[/name] to prevent people from calling him [name]Frank[/name]

I love [name]Francis[/name]. It’s one of my favorite boy names. I’m not sure why, but I love softer-sounding boy names that end with an -s.

So, I think it’s a handsome choice.

It works! I think [name]Frank[/name] or [name]Franky[/name] is a great nn. Nothing wrong with it. I can picture a rambunctious little boy with freckles and running around named [name]Franky[/name]. I wouldn’t use [name]Beauregard[/name] as a first name, but as a middle name it sounds good. I always felt like middle names should be the quirkier of the two. I would also like [name]Francesca[/name] [name]Beauregard[/name] or [name]France[/name] [name]Beauregard[/name] on a little girl or Francois instead of [name]Francis[/name].

I love [name]Frank[/name]/[name]Franky[/name] & don’t get plumber’s crack vibe at all! To me it’s like the boy equivalent of vintage glam names like [name]Lana[/name] or [name]Rita[/name]…I think of Sinatra really! I also think it has a Hipster cool quality like [name]Roscoe[/name] or something that’s clunky/crusty but fresh.

My only fear is that [name]Francis[/name] [name]Beauregard[/name] is too femme?

Or too snobby sounding cause a pp said it sounds upper-crust

I’m glad to see that someone else likes [name]Francis[/name] for a boy. I think [name]Francis[/name] [name]Beauregard[/name] is an unusual pairing but it works. It’s handsome, sophisticated and distinctive. I don’t find it feminine or snobbish at all. I imagine an cultured gentleman who has great manners, can converse effortlessly on numerous subjects and isn’t afraid to express his strong opinions. I also picture a man who is creative, aritistic and musical. I’m basing my perception on my own Uncle [name]Francis[/name] (aka [name]Frank[/name]), who is a singer, songwriter, actor, teacher, husband, father and handyman. :slight_smile:

Thank you!! I have great associations as well in my family. My grandfather changed his name to [name]Frank[/name], just [name]Frank[/name], when he came to [name]America[/name] from [name]Italy[/name]. His son, my uncle is also [name]Frank[/name]. [name]Both[/name] are also handy & musical & artistic which seems a rare combo! I just like the more formal [name]Francis[/name] to get to [name]Frank[/name].

I know I am biased (my son is [name]Francis[/name], called [name]Frankie[/name]), but I love [name]Francis[/name]. And [name]Francis[/name] [name]Beauregard[/name] is very handsome, dignified and artistic. Well done!

I think its a very sophisticated combo. I love the name [name]Beauregard[/name]! If it was me, I’d put it in the first name spot.

I am so glad I found it! Boys names never excite me, but this one I love!

[name]Frances[/name] and Blooregard (a play on [name]Beauregard[/name]) are both characters in the cartoon series [name]Foster[/name]'s Home for Imaginary Friends. Not sure how much longer it will be popular, but I know my nephews (ages 7 and 11) would pick up on it instantly. It’s a pretty popular show on Cartoon Network, but I guess not many nameberries watch?

It was the first thing I thought of…

[name]Just[/name] thought I’d add that you seem very excited about the name. I don’t think it’s a problem, it’s just my cartoon brain couldn’t get past it.

Oh no!! This is just the sort of thing I hate! Now I will have to watch to see if the association is really obvious & if it’s positive or negative!

I don’t think the association with the cartoon is a problem because only a fragment on the population would make the connection plus you wouldn’t introduce him as [name]Francis[/name] [name]Beauregard[/name] to many people after his birth announcement.