[name]Do[/name] you like it? And what nickname would you use – [name]Fred[/name], [name]Freddy[/name], [name]Fritz[/name], [name]Rick[/name], or [name]Ricky[/name]? Thanks for your thoughts. :slight_smile:

[name]Frederick[/name] has really been growing on me lately. :slight_smile: I think it’s handsome! I love [name]Fred[/name] and [name]Freddie[/name] the most from the nicknames.

Good luck!

[name]Frederick[/name] is a great name. I wouldn’t use a nick name. It would be ruined.

[name]Frederick[/name] is a nice name…I actually like [name]Fritz[/name] for a nn!

I like it a lot too (although I had a really mean professor with this name, and have had a hard time getting past that). I really like the full name though as opposed to a nickname.

My SO’s name so I’m biased but I do love it. It is so handome and classic. [name]Fred[/name] is a good nn - really down-to-earth and lovable, and [name]Freddie[/name] is SO cute on a little boy. Such a good all-round name!

I love it! I prefer using the whole name to any nn, but I suppose shortening it to [name]Fred[/name] now and again is probably inevitable and I don’t see anything wrong with that.
While I think I prefer [name]Fritz[/name] to [name]Fred[/name], I would definitely not recommend [name]Fritz[/name] because I think that invites losing the full name, whereas if you call him [name]Fred[/name] from time to time that doesn’t as fully exclude leaning toward calling him [name]Frederick[/name] more often than not.
I don’t like [name]Rick[/name] at all, and I think it takes all the charm out of the name [name]Frederick[/name] (it also sounds quite dated).

[name]Frederick[/name] is one of my favorites. It’s handsome, classic, and not to popular. I know a little boy named [name]Frederick[/name] ([name]Freddie[/name]), so it’s not completely marginalized.

i have a two year old named fred (after my grandpa). just fred. my husband doesn’t like freddie but we call him fredders a lot.

[name]Love[/name] the name…would definitely use [name]Fred[/name] or [name]Freddie[/name] as nn.