From 1-10 , how painful is ...?

I think I had one at one point and it required me to get stitches. I don’t really remember how painful it was so maybe a 8

Breaking your wrist/hand?

Not sure about hand, but wrist honestly isn’t as bad as you’d think. Although I was 5, so perhaps my memory is a bit faded. I’ll say 5/10.

Dislocating your shoulder?

So so so painful. I screamed. And screamed. And scre… you get the idea!

To stub your toe?

Eh. Depends. 1-3.5/10.

Being stabbed?

I don’t know, I’m assuming 10.

stepping on a lego?

like a 3!

getting concussed?

For me, I’ve only ever had a mild concussion… I want to say 6/10.

Getting a belly button piercing?

I’ve gotten my ears pierced, which was like a 1–barely hurt. I’m not adventurous enough to get my bellybutton pierced, but I feel like it’d probably hurt more than an ear piercing!

Smashing your finger?

  1. Not very painful.

Fracturing a bone?