From 1-10 , how painful is ...?

5, although it really depends on how attached you are to the person

Snagging a hang nail on something?

4, ouch those are nasty.

Getting a splinter in your lip? (Literally me one time when I was picking my teeth with a toothpick)

I don’t know, I would guess around 6? I don’t want to know.

Getting a second ear piercing above the normal place? (sorry if that doesn’t make sense)

I have an industrial and a cartilage but not a second lobe. Based off of those I would guess a 3

Getting a nose piercing

I don’t know, I’d assume a 2.

Being shot?

Definitely on the high range, a shot to the abdomen is an automatic 10 because it can be fatal but it’s slower to kill than other fatal areas. Non-fatal shots are still extremely scary as well and risk losing a lot of blood, but yeah pretty much a 10 for most hits.

Foot falling asleep?

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0, I don’t think it hurts, it just feels weird.


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Almost drowning? (I’d say a 1 but I want to know if others have has an experience with this.)

Hmm, it wasn’t painful, really. I just felt panicky (obviously). I don’t know how I’d rate that on the pain scale. 0?


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  1. I don’t think it’s that painful, just annoying.

Watching The Notebook?

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Oof, I’d say a 1 bc [name_u]Ryan[/name_u] Gosling’s character is extremely creepy in the way he courts [name_f]Rachel[/name_f] McAdam’s character, but he’s handsome, so I think that somehow tricks the audience into thinking his behavior’s acceptable.

Regretful memories coming back to you when you’re trying to sleep?

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4, it depends what the memory is, but the past is the past.

Finding out that your favorite tv show is cancelled?

this is my cuz on the secret life of pets :joy: [name_u]Or[/name_u] as his 3-year-old brain calls it, “kitties 7 doggies”

5/10 tv shows are my support animal which I watch with my real animals

Losing someone or some pet who is terminally ill?
Asking for a friend

8/10 because I missed her greatly but was glad she was no longer in pain. 9 years later and I still miss her so much. I’ve found comfort in the beautiful memories we shared and ignored the sickness because I knew she wouldn’t want me to remember her that way. I’m sorry you’re going through this.

How painful is breaking a bone? I’ve never broken one.

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