Game Of Thrones Characters: What do you like?

Lately there seems to be a trend among my circle of friends, co workers, family etc that some are naming their children after literary characters. There has been a [name]Jane[/name] [name]Bronte[/name] ([name]Jane[/name] Eyre/[name]Bronte[/name] sisters), [name]Scarlett[/name] (Gone with the Wind), Cothal Henrick ([name]Juliet[/name] Marillier Character) and the other day my best friend gave birth to an [name]Arya[/name] [name]Louise[/name] (Game of Thrones). So excited for her!

I have been told these children were named for their literary counterparts, and although my DH and I are deciding on names that are not based on characters, some of the names we like can be linked back through to the literary world.

So today’s theme is Song of Ice and [name]Fire[/name] or Game of Thrones Characters. The second season based off the books is due to come out on television soon, and soon my 1st season will be mailed to me so I’m pretty hyped.

I won’t go into the details, just wondering would you use any of the names in this list? I’ve only selected a few, all the major characters and a few others. There is so many to pick from!




[name]Just[/name] for fun! :slight_smile:

I’ve been hearing a lot of stuff about this series of books/tv show. Is it good? If so I might look into it.
i’m just going to put a No or Interesting next to the ones I wouldn’t use or are unsure about


Eddard – This is weird
[name]Ned[/name] – old and good but would use
[name]Bran[/name] – prefer [name]Bram[/name]
[name]Jon[/name] – would use but love it
[name]Tyrion[/name] – tie-ree-on or tear-ee-on? If the second, its nice
[name]Jaime[/name] – no
Tywin – no
Davos – no
[name]Theon[/name] – love
Samwell – like it
[name]Aeron[/name] – eh
Arys – sounds girly
Areo – interesting
Petyr – [name]Peter[/name]? weird
[name]Kevan[/name] – nice
Stannis – no
[name]Jorah[/name] – interesting
[name]Robert[/name] – very plain next to the others, but very nice
[name]Doran[/name] – love
Barristan – no
Viserys – no

[name]Catelyn[/name] – very plain and classic
Sansa – no
[name]Arya[/name] – very pretty
Daenerys – no
Cersei – no
[name]Gilly[/name] – no!
Myrcella – interesting
Brienne – no
[name]Asha[/name] – have a cousin with this name. [name]Love[/name] it
Osha – no
[name]Arianne[/name] – prefer [name]Arianna[/name] but pretty and I did consider using it
[name]Melisandre[/name] – interesting
Lyanna – interesting
Ygritte – no, prefer Igraine (similar sound i think)
[name]Lysa[/name] – hmm prefer [name]Lyra[/name] but interesting

I love love love [name]Tyrion[/name], both as a character and a name. Most of the others I’m not a fan of as to me their just normal names spelled slightly wrong, such as [name]Kevan[/name]. but I do like: Sansa, [name]Asha[/name], [name]Lysa[/name], Lyanna, [name]Theon[/name], Tywin and Myrcella.

I’ve never read/seen it so I have no association with the names. But some looked interesting so I thought I’d comment!


Eddard - I don’t like it, but then again I don’t like the name [name]Edward[/name] either.
[name]Ned[/name] - It’s ok. Reminds me of [name]Ned[/name] Flanders from the Simpsons, lol.
[name]Bran[/name] - I think of the food, like [name]Bran[/name] Flakes and stuff. Odd name.
[name]Jon[/name] - Simple, nothing exciting.
[name]Tyrion[/name] - Interesting. I think I kinda like it.
[name]Jaime[/name] - I never knew a male [name]Jamie[/name]/[name]Jaime[/name] until I met one a few years ago. He’s totally awesome so I like it, haha. I always think of [name]Jaime[/name] pronounced the Spanish way though instead of like [name]Jamie[/name].
Tywin - Hmm. I don’t think I like it.
Davos - I kinda like it. A nice alternative to [name]David[/name] that sounds kind of like a Greek god or something.
[name]Theon[/name] - I like it!
Samwell - A mix of [name]Samuel[/name] and [name]Maxwell[/name]? I don’t think I like it.
[name]Aeron[/name] - Pr like [name]Aaron[/name]? It’s ok.
Arys - It is air-riss? ah-reese? It’s ok.
Areo - Not bad. Not sure though.
Petyr - Seems like a youneek spelling of [name]Peter[/name]. [name]Don[/name]'t like it.
[name]Kevan[/name] - Same with this, looks like it’s supposed to be [name]Kevin[/name].
Stannis - [name]Don[/name]'t like it.
[name]Jorah[/name] - I kinda like it. Reminds me of [name]Jonah[/name].
[name]Robert[/name] - Simple but kinda boring.
[name]Doran[/name] - It’s ok.
Barristan - [name]Don[/name]'t like it.
Viserys - [name]Don[/name]'t like.

[name]Catelyn[/name] - I actually like this spelling a lot, and that’s weird for me as I usually like traditional spellings.
Sansa - [name]Kinda[/name] weird… not sure.
[name]Arya[/name] - Sounds masculine for some reason to me.
Daenerys - Also sounds masculine.
Cersei - It’s ok… a little weird.
[name]Gilly[/name] - I could see this as a nn for [name]Gillian[/name]… or is it pronounced with a g with the “guh” sound? Then it’s weird.
Myrcella - [name]Don[/name]'t like it but mostly because of the “ella” ending.
Brienne - I kinda like it actually.
[name]Asha[/name] - I like this a lot! There was a girl in my neighborhood growing up with this name. I always thought it was different and interesting.
Osha - I like [name]Asha[/name] 100000x more.
[name]Arianne[/name] - [name]Kinda[/name] like it. A nice alternative to [name]Ariana[/name] or [name]Adrienne[/name].
[name]Melisandre[/name] - [name]Don[/name]'t like. Are her parents [name]Melissa[/name] and [name]Andre[/name]?
Lyanna - It’s ok.
Ygritte - If I’m saying it right it reminds me of “regret” or an egret.
[name]Lysa[/name] - Would be a cute nn for [name]Alyssa[/name]. Or is it a youneek spelling for [name]Lisa[/name]?

I’m actually a huge fan of the series and the show, so I have strong associations with all of these names! I’m labeling some of them “[name]CA[/name]” as having too much character association to overcome. (Note: I like a lot of names because of literary associations, by the way–but some are too attached to certain characters for even me. Marking something as “[name]CA[/name]” doesn’t imply a negative character; my liking a character doesn’t imply they are “good” either, lol–I’m making a spoiler disclaimer here!)


Eddard: I like this, but wouldn’t use it. I kind of stumble over it myself. Also, [name]CA[/name]. (I love [name]Ned[/name], btw.)
[name]Ned[/name]: (For those who don’t know–this is Eddard’s nn!) I wouldn’t use it as an independent name; it’s an ok nn.
[name]Bran[/name]: Meh.
[name]Jon[/name]: Meh–[name]LOVE[/name] [name]Jon[/name] [name]Snow[/name]; prefer the name [name]Jonathan[/name].
[name]Tyrion[/name]: [name]CA[/name]-[name]Love[/name] the name and the character, but wouldn’t use it. There is a lore-character named Tirion in World of Warcraft as well, probably named as a tribute to [name]Tyrion[/name] Lannister.
[name]Jaime[/name]: Meh.
Tywin: No. ([name]CA[/name]!)
Davos: No.
[name]Theon[/name]: Nice name…but STRONG [name]CA[/name]. Strong, strong, that rhymes with wrong. :wink: (And the actor who plays [name]Theon[/name] is [name]Lily[/name] [name]Allen[/name]‘s brother [name]Alfie[/name], the one she wrote a song about!)
Samwell: [name]Sam[/name] is my favorite boys’ name already, but it’s for Samwise Gamgee. I like Samwell Tarly, too, though!
[name]Aeron[/name]: Meh.
Arys: [name]CA[/name].
Areo: No.
Petyr: I prefer [name]Peter[/name], but there’s a pretty big [name]CA[/name] here, too. [name]One[/name] of my favorite characters, though.
[name]Kevan[/name]: Meh.
Stannis: No, and [name]CA[/name].
[name]Jorah[/name]: I really like this for a girl, so I’ve had a hard time with it on the [name]Bear[/name].
[name]Robert[/name]: Also my dad’s name, but nms.
[name]Doran[/name]: No.
Barristan: No.
Viserys: No, and [name]CA[/name].

[name]Catelyn[/name]: I like the name well enough, but there are too many Caitlins/et. al. I like that they pn it “[name]Cat[/name]-lyn” in the show, though.
Sansa: I actually really like this and plan to use it as a nn for [name]Susannah[/name].
[name]Arya[/name]: Very pretty, very awesome character.
Daenerys: I think it’s a very pretty name, and a very strong [name]CA[/name] with an awesome character, but nms.
Cersei: I love the name, but [name]CA[/name].
[name]Gilly[/name]: Meh–and I also think of [name]Kristen[/name] Wiig’s [name]Gilly[/name] from SNL
Myrcella: Pretty, but kind of fluffy for me.
Brienne: No, but what a great [name]CA[/name]!
[name]Asha[/name]: I really like this name.
Osha: Reminds me too much of the workplace safety acronym, which I can’t think of atm.
[name]Arianne[/name]: Pretty and sweet.
[name]Melisandre[/name]: Very strong [name]CA[/name]; the name isn’t really my style. Reminds me of [name]Jacqueline[/name] [name]Carey[/name]'s [name]Melisande[/name] Shahrizai as well.
Lyanna: No.
Ygritte: I pn it as “eh-[name]GREET[/name]” when I was reading it, but they’re using “I-Grit” on the show; I love the character but the name isn’t my style at all.
[name]Lysa[/name]: NO. [name]CA[/name] is too overwhelming! I pn it as “Lih-sa” when reading, and they pn it “LIE-sa” in the show. Considering it could also be read as “[name]Lee[/name]-sa,” I think it’s pretty confusing for such a short name!

I love Game of Thrones! I’ve read all the books (nerd?!) and was half thinking of doing a similar post. Great minds think alike I suppose lol!

Eddard - not a fan
[name]Ned[/name] - a cute nickname for [name]Edward[/name],but I wouldn’t use it as a first name
[name]Bran[/name] - short for [name]Brandon[/name] in the books, which I’m not so much a fan of. However [name]Bran[/name] is Welsh for [name]Raven[/name], it’s a name I’ve considered.
[name]Jon[/name] - it’s a fine,normal name, but I know a lot of [name]Jon[/name]/Johns, so I wouldn’t use it.
[name]Tyrion[/name] - I like this name! Tirion(pronounced the same) is Welsh and [name]Tyrion[/name] is a spelling variation. Though I like the name, I wouldn’t use it.
[name]Jaime[/name] - not my style at all. To me it’s a nickname for [name]James[/name], though many modern parents disagree.
Tywin - Sounds very masculine, which I like, but I wouldn’t use it.
Davos - I don’t like this at all.
[name]Theon[/name] - I really really like this name, but I don’t think I can get past the character in the book.
Samwell - [name]Don[/name]'t like this for a real person, it sounds made up.
[name]Aeron[/name] - I quite like it, but probably not. There would be pronounciation issues. People would probably say “Aero-on”, because unusual spellings confuse people!
Arys - no
Areo - no, it just reminds me of the chocolate.
Petyr - no, I would just spell it [name]Peter[/name].
[name]Kevan[/name] - looks like a mispelling of [name]Kevin[/name].
Stannis - no, it sounds unpleasant.
[name]Jorah[/name] - I quite like this.
[name]Robert[/name] - not my style.
[name]Doran[/name] - no
Barristan - it’s a great masculine sounding name, but no.
Viserys - no.

[name]Catelyn[/name] - I like the way they pronouce it [name]Cat[/name]-lyn, I wasn’t expecting that. But in reality you’d never get people to pronounce it as anything other than [name]Cate[/name]-lyn.
Sansa - no,sounds too made up.
[name]Arya[/name] - I love this name. A friend has recently called her daughter this.
Daenerys - no, it looks totally made up.
Cersei - I really like this name, and its easier to work out the pronounciation than with the original [name]Circe[/name]. But I think the character is a bit of an obstacle.
[name]Gilly[/name] - I’ve heard of this as a nickname for [name]Gillian[/name]. Not my style.
Myrcella - No. Though I think it is usable.
Brienne - no.
[name]Asha[/name] - I quite like this.
Osha - it sounds unpleasant.
[name]Arianne[/name] - it’s a pretty name, definitely usable. But you have the “[name]Aryan[/name]” issue which I find with all similar names. A shame,
[name]Melisandre[/name] - no. [name]Just[/name] no.
Lyanna - no, it sounds like a flowery version of [name]Leanne[/name]. Which I suppose it is.
Ygritte - no. It just sounds unpleasant.
[name]Lysa[/name] - no.

p.s when I say I can’t get past the character, I mean the name completely reminds me of them and I only associate it with them.

I know absolutely nothing about the show/series but I do absolutely adore [name]Arianne[/name]! It’s my second favorite girls’ name. I really like [name]Arya[/name] and Brienne, and I sort of like Samwell for a boy, too, even though I prefer [name]Samuel[/name]…

I love the book series and show so much!! There is also a very small character named [name]Willow[/name] in the 4th book. My favorite character names are probably Brienne and [name]Jaime[/name].

Awesome to see so many fans of the book/television series. Personally my favs are [name]Jon[/name] and [name]Arya[/name] name-wise.

^ Me too - I fell in love with [name]Bran[/name] as a Welsh name for raven (or dark one). But as soon as I said it to my dh, he said “like the cereal?” which totally killed it for me. Plus I really dislike [name]Brandon[/name] for personal reason. I’m still thinking about [name]Bram[/name], but I don’t have the same love for it that I once had for [name]Bran[/name].

[name]Ned[/name] is also a name I really like, but know I’ll never use it [name]IRL[/name]. I like it a nn for [name]Edmund[/name] though.

I’ve read all the books too and have the first season coming in. I don’t have HBO so I’m hoping that my sister will make a copy for me for the second season…

I love the name [name]Bran[/name] (prn Brahn)…I first saw it as a character name from a [name]Cynthia[/name] Voigt novel. I love [name]Ned[/name] as a nn for [name]Edmund[/name] and I do like the name [name]Robert[/name], but then I enjoy classic names. For the girls, my daughter is [name]Caitlin[/name] and I would have kept it [name]Cat[/name]-lin (which is the correct Welsh prn) but I knew it would be a losing battle…I love [name]Arya[/name] both the character and the name.

A few weeks ago I woke up thinking about the name Samwell but I had no idea where I had heard it. I was in love! And then I did a google search and realized that it could never be… It’s the first result. “What What” ruined my name fantasy!

As for the other Game of Thrones names, [name]Bran[/name] and [name]Arya[/name] are my favorites. :slight_smile: I think I would spell it [name]Aria[/name] though.

Hubby loves Game of Thrones!!! Mom, sis, and FIL all love it too. [name]Arya[/name] is top middle name contender right now :slight_smile: We like that it means [name]Lion[/name] in Hebrew, too, as we want to give all of our children Hebrew animal names ([name]Zev[/name] means wolf, direwolf is House Stark’s sigil).

We went to a lecture and book signing of [name]George[/name] RR [name]Martin[/name] when he came to our city. He talked about how painful the naming process is to him (multiple characters named [name]Jon[/name], etc). Very interesting!

I wish nameberry would do a blog post on it … they did HP and Hunger Games!

Samphire or [name]Azar[/name]

I love the A Song of Ice and [name]Fire[/name] series and the TV show too.

Eddard/[name]Ned[/name] - Not particularly fond of it, but it suits Eddard Stark just great.
[name]Bran[/name] - I like it, but I detest his namesake [name]Brandon[/name].
[name]Jon[/name] - [name]Don[/name]'t like it, but think it’s better than [name]John[/name].
[name]Tyrion[/name] - It’s cool, but I wouldn’t use it on a son :smiley:
[name]Jaime[/name] - Really wonderful name.
Tywin - I also really like this one, but doubt I’d use it myself. I love the sound of it.
Davos - It’s alright, not as bad as Eddard.
[name]Theon[/name] - This is such a rad name. [name]Theo[/name] with an edge.
Samwell - On the contrary, I hate this one.
[name]Aeron[/name] - Better than the normal [name]Aaron[/name], but not one I’d use.
A(e)rys - Another really badass name, which I oddly enough wouldn’t mind using.
Areo - Reminds me of an oreo.
Petyr - Sounds like a slavic version of [name]Peter[/name], it’s not bad.
[name]Kevan[/name] - Hate it.
Stannis - I think my love for the actual character influence my love for the name, but I like it.
[name]Jorah[/name] - Also a decent name, better than [name]Jonah[/name].
[name]Robert[/name] - I’m so tired of this name, but that has nothing to do with ASOIAF.
[name]Doran[/name] - Alright, but it makes me think of [name]Dora[/name].
Barristan - It sounds really epic when you say it out loud, but I wouldn’t use it in real life.
Viserys - [name]One[/name] of my all-time favourite names from ASOIAF, it sounds good, it looks good, the only bad thing is the character who’s a prick.

[name]Catelyn[/name] - [name]Don[/name]'t like it.
Sansa - It’s lovely and Sansa Stark is a wonderful and strong female character.
[name]Arya[/name] - It’s so pretty to look at and it sounds wonderful too.
[name]Daenerys[/name] - My second favourite girls name from ASOIAF, it’s so beautiful.
Cersei - It’s a cool name, don’t know if I’d use it, but it’s still cool.
[name]Gilly[/name] - Reminds me of [name]Kristen[/name] Wiig’s [name]Gilly[/name] from SNL :smiley:
[name]Myrcella[/name] - Another cute girls name, I like it.
Brienne - Have mixed feelings about it. It sounds good, but I don’t like the way it looks.
[name]Asha[/name] - I like it.
Osha - Like it even more than [name]Asha[/name], the o makes it a bit more edgy.
[name]Arianne[/name] - This is a really great name, love the two n’s.
[name]Melisandre[/name] - It sounds so beautiful, but I’ve heard so many people mispronounce it and that’s the only bad thing I can think of.
Lyanna - It’s a decent name.
Ygritte - Hate it.
[name]Lysa[/name] - Not fond of this one either.

Other ASOIAF names I adore:
Benjen (♂), [name]Robb[/name] (♂), Gendry (♂), [name]Sandor[/name] (♂), [name]Quentyn[/name] (♂), Rhaegar (♂), Margaery (♀), Renly (♂) and [name]Elia[/name] (♀).

[name]Jorah[/name] was always my favorite, for some reason. Other than that, I don’t really like any of the names, because the association is SO strong for me, not to mention they aren’t my style. Totally obsessed with that series, though.

Well I’m sat here currently nursing a 9 week old [name]Theon[/name] so we love the name. Although we watch the tv programme we chose the name and hadn’t truly realised who he was in GOT. Once we’d chosen it we realised he was a bit of a naff character but decided to stick with it as he’s not a lead in it and none of our friends watch it. We like [name]Theon[/name] as he was a Greek mathematician and DH is a maths teacher and my late father used to be nicknamed [name]Algie[/name] up until his thirties as he loved maths and it was short for algebra.

[name]Theon[/name] improves with time :wink: Though, the second tv series ran a mile from what actually happened in the book… so who knows what they’ll do.

Most of the names I like from the series are tied to unattractive or evil people. So you know that’s just a bit problematic.

It is funny when old threads become new again.

I am obsessed with A Song of Ice and [name]Fire[/name]/Game of Thrones.

I had [name]Arya[/name] on my girls’ list for years, but dropped it once it started becoming more popular and trendy. :confused: Would love to use several other names from the books, but probably never will. :frowning: