[name]Hi[/name] everyone,

I saw The Great [name]Gatsby[/name] last weekend and was inspired. I think [name]Gatsby[/name] could be a nice name on a boy. What do you all think? Is it just ridiculous or could I be on to something?


I think it would be an odd choice. As a name, it’s tied closely to the [name]Fitzgerald[/name] character, and [name]Jay[/name] [name]Gatsby[/name] is somewhat of a problematic namesake.

I think unless the parents were fans of the book it’s a bit odd to me. And most people will assume that the parents know the book, not just the movie.

I find it to be pretentious. The name only has one, very well-known association (which is not a particularly positive one, in my mind).

[name]Gatsby[/name] is not the most honorable namesake, and I’m surprised that anyone who has seen the film would actually want to use the name. I haven’t seen the film, of course, so maybe it does not portray the book too accurately.

Another vote against. I think it would come off as pretentious because it would be impossible to remove the association from the character–it’s so ingrained.

I agree that it would go over better if it was a nod to the novel as opposed to the film. [name]Jay[/name] [name]Gatsby[/name] not being the best namesake ever but I know of a friend who has always held onto the name for a future son as she is a huge [name]Fitzgerald[/name] fan. I think she is second guessing it now that the movie has come out though, it will likely become a bit of an unfortunate trend name now.

I think it’s too tied to the character to work. Maybe as a middle name but it’s not really my style. [name]Jay[/name] would work better, or one of the author’s names.

It did a fantastic job portraying the book, from my perspective. It changed things enough to make it make sense but kept true to the plot and characters. It was also REALLY pretty. I actually understand the book now, ha. [name]Baz[/name] Luhrmann is a genius.

See, for me this name is dependent on a few things. Based on your reasons, that you saw the movie and think it would be a cute name, no, I wouldn’t name your son [name]Gatsby[/name]. However, if you proceeded to read the book, fell in love with it, pursued other works of [name]Fitzgerald[/name] and/or books set in the same time period/about the same things/American classics/whathaveyou, and then named your son [name]Gatsby[/name], I’d say go for it.

With the first reason, that you liked the movie, then that’s all you have to tell people when they ask why you named your son [name]Gatsby[/name]. “Oh, I saw the movie when it came out, and thought it was simply wonderful!” While it’s not a bad cultural reference, you didn’t do a whole lot of research, and named your son after a fictional, obsessive bootlegger.

If you got into the literature and the core of that little sect of culture, then you’d be giving your son a name that is representative of American Gilded Age literature. The name isn’t the problem; it’s your intention, and how you will explain it.

Of course, if you really love the name, please use it. It would just make us all feel better if you’d read the book.

[name]Gatsby[/name] has been on my list for a long time, but for a girl only.

Fine as a middle name.

The Great [name]Gatsby[/name] is one of my favorite books, and I loved [name]Jay[/name] [name]Gatsby[/name], so I’ve always thought about possibly using him as a namesake. Now, I haven’t read the book since high school, so I just remember loving him and remember him being a misunderstood character. I got the same feeling from the new movie (I have also seen the [name]Robert[/name] [name]Redford[/name] version, but not in a long time) and loved [name]Gatsby[/name] just as much as I remember loving him when I read it. So I’m surprised by people saying he’s not a good namesake. I will have to re-read it and re-visit my thoughts, I guess.

As a name on its own, it is only associated with the novel/movie(s) and if you’re okay with that, then use it. I have considered using it as a middle name, but since then I have decided that I would only use [name]Jay[/name] or [name]James[/name] to honor the character, if I used it at all. If you really do love the name and want to use it, I would suggest it only in the middle spot.

I don’t think it’s pretentious as some posters do, but I can’t imagine why anyone would name their child after [name]Jay[/name] [name]Gatsby[/name]. He’s a fascinating but dishonorable character. Save it for a puppy.

I’m not against people using the name after the character, I just don’t like it, personally. I don’t like the sound of it. I prefer [name]Jay[/name], but it’s a bit boring. I love that [name]Fitzgerald[/name] used the name [name]Jordan[/name], for a female character (in the 1920s!) and would love to use it if it wasn’t associated with other Jodan’s and wasn’t so popular.

I’m not against naming your children after fictional characters at all, but giving your son the one-of-a-kind surname of a well-known literary figure in a classic novel crosses the line between cool and pretentious. [name]Just[/name] don’t. Any name that will forever have “the great” attached to the front of it is too much.

well… obviously if you saw the movie, you know what type of person [name]Jay[/name] [name]Gatsby[/name] is… a person who lied about a lot of his life and made all of his important decisions based on a girl that was married anyway. he was lonely and went about everything the wrong way. I haven’t seen the movie, but I have read the book. Without the literary connection, I like the name fine, but your son will probably have to read the book in high school, and I wouldn’t call it a good namesake. If you like the name for phonetic reasons only, I would consider [name]Garrett[/name] or something like that. If you like it for the connection… his real name was [name]James[/name] Gatz

[name]Frederick[/name] nn [name]Fitz[/name] (like [name]Fitzgerald[/name])
[name]Scott[/name] (F. [name]Scott[/name] [name]Fitzgerald[/name])