Gave my Chinese friend an English name

My masseuse - okay, don’t get too envious because I need massages since I’ve been in so much pain - my masseuse is Chinese. His name sounds like Weesa [name]Wong[/name]. He doesn’t speak much English except to say things like “turn over” and “finished”. But he has been teaching me some Mandarin words. One day I asked him if he has an English name. He didn’t have one. So I named him [name]Brian[/name]. He is 56 years old, so the name [name]Brian[/name] is cool for his generation. He likes it. Then the receptionist at the acupunturist’s office where I get massages helped me think of a Chinese name for myself. It is [name]Lili[/name] and sounds like “lilly” which is what my name means.
Now my masseuse sometimes calls me [name]Lili[/name] and sometimes I call him [name]Brian[/name].

Aww, that’s so sweet!

That’s really cute! :lol: