Gel manicures during pregnancy?

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting gel manicures and done some research on them for pregnant women. The info I’ve found says they are ok as long as the salon you are in is well ventilated and there is no use of the chemical MMA (which has been phased out in the US and most of the UK by now). I forgot to ask my doctor the last time I was at an appt on her opinion of this. I’m sure it’s one of those things that docs would say is better to go without, but I have been feeling really down lately and want to treat myself. Since wine and other deliciousness is out of the question, I thought this would be a good option. Has anyone had any medical advice or experience with getting gels while pregnant?

I haven’t heard anything about gel manicures being safe or unsafe. I did get pedicures wile pregnant and it was wonderful to relax and be pampered. I agree that you should do something for you. If the gel manicures are t safe how about getting your hair fixed? I love having someone else style my hair for me.

There’s always prenatal massage or taking yourself to a movie. I usually try to stay away from nail salons during pregnancy because I’ve never been to one that was well-ventilated to the point where the fumes didn’t bug me.