Gemma needs a middle name!

I’ve really fallen in love with the name [name]Gemma[/name] but for whatever reason have NO inspiration or feelings for a middle name. Any ideas or suggestions? Here’s what it can’t be for various reasons; can’t start with another G b/c our last name is a G and that would be just too much. Cannot be [name]Claire[/name], [name]Marie[/name], [name]Elizabeth[/name], Elise, or [name]Katherine[/name]. And cannot begin with an A b/c then initials would be “GAG.” Otherwise Id probably go with [name]Gemma[/name] [name]Alice[/name]. Looking forward to hearing your ideas! Thx

[name]Lucy[/name]? We seem to have similar taste and [name]Lucy[/name] is my favorite. It has great namesakes, classic style, and a wonderful meaning. Sort of like [name]Alice[/name], really.

Aww, my favourite [name]Gemma[/name] combo is [name]Gemma[/name] [name]Giselle[/name].

[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Elise[/name]? [name]Elise[/name] is like [name]Alice[/name] to me.

[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Rose[/name]
[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Louise[/name]
[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Saige[/name]
[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Tate[/name]

I’ve been trying to think of middles for [name]Gemma[/name] myself! (not expecting of course, just trying to make combos for names I really love) It’s a gorgeous name, very classy and pretty and feminine to me.

My favourite is [name]Gemma[/name] [name]Rosemarie[/name]- it has [name]Marie[/name] in it, but a bit more interesting so maybe it works? I also love [name]Gemma[/name] [name]Christine[/name] and [name]Gemma[/name] [name]Ann[/name] [name]Delphine[/name] (if a double middle is okay with you). On the subject of double middles, if you like [name]Alice[/name] you could do one- e.g. [name]Gemma[/name] [name]Alice[/name] [name]Charlotte[/name] or [name]Gemma[/name] [name]Alice[/name] [name]Mabel[/name] are sweet. I like the idea of something fairly classic or old-fashioned-sounding (in a good way) with [name]Gemma[/name].

[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Corinne[/name]
[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Noelle[/name]
[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Beatrix[/name]
[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Ophelia[/name]
[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Opaline[/name]
[name]Gemma[/name] Christophine <---- love
Gemma Yvaine
Gemma Vespertine
Gemma Evangeline
Gemma Chrysanthe or Chrysanthemum
Gemma Helene
Gemma Ottilie or Ottiline
Gemma Cybele

I [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Gemma[/name]!!! [name]Gemma[/name] Kateri is my combo but it has a lot of sentimental value for me!

[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Lucille[/name]
[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Eloise[/name]
[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Felicity[/name]
[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Rosalie[/name]
[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Rachel[/name] ( this was last my combo)

[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Madison[/name]
[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Blake[/name]

Funny you say that and are the first to respond because [name]Lucy[/name] has always been a front runner for me, especially since I was a huge [name]Lucille[/name] Ball fan growing up (random I know). But I think maybe that’s why I also hold back from it. Also we already have a little girl [name]Gracie[/name]. And I love both names but are they too cutesy together? Then again its like [name]Gracie[/name] [name]Allen[/name] and [name]Lucille[/name] Ball, which is kind of cool/sweet. Thoughts? Am I a huge nerd?

Sorry, ironically I left out the only other name I can’t use, [name]Elise[/name]. But I do love it. Not available tho. And [name]Giselle[/name] would be GGG and im not wanting that even though I love double initials. And if there were to be [name]ONE[/name] more it can’t be, “[name]Lynn[/name],” (movie [name]Ted[/name] anyone?)

[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Louise[/name]
[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Hermione[/name]
[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Thomasin[/name]
[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Elspeth[/name]
[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Caroline[/name]
[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Celeste[/name]
[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Lillian[/name]
[name]Gemma[/name] Margeruite

[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Lucille[/name]! [name]How[/name] did I not think of that! I get to use [name]Lucille[/name] and the double M’s and double L’s look good together. Only problem would be if i had another girl I couldnt use [name]Lucy[/name] then. Great suggestions everyone, much appreciative, keep 'em coming!

My first thought was [name]Gemma[/name] [name]Ruth[/name]. You have tons of great options on here, though.

I almost used [name]Gemma[/name] for my daughter and the middle name would have been [name]Rosalie[/name] or [name]Catherine[/name]. I think it pairs well with a solid classic: [name]Gemma[/name] [name]Violet[/name], [name]Gemma[/name] [name]Isobel[/name], [name]Gemma[/name] [name]Vivian[/name]…

I feel like a 3-syllable name works really well with it, particularly with the emphasis on the first syllable. Some ideas:

[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Eleanor[/name]
[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Olivet[/name] (OLL-ih-vet)
[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Lillian[/name]
[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Lilibet[/name]
[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Verity[/name]
[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Milicent[/name]

[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Felicity[/name]! I’ve loved this combo for years. I’ll never use it but I think [name]Felicity[/name] really clicks with [name]Gemma[/name] here. [name]Love[/name] it!

[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Lucille[/name]. The name [name]Gemma[/name] [name]Lu[/name] is just too cute!

[name]Gemma[/name] is a great name!

[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Violet[/name]
[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Cecilia[/name]/[name]Cecily[/name]
[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Louisa[/name]
…and I can’t think of any more that haven’t already been suggested. If I think of any, I will be sure to post them!

[name]How[/name] about [name]Gemma[/name] [name]Kathleen[/name]? I love both names!

I think my favorite listed is [name]Gemma[/name] [name]Louise[/name], [name]Gemma[/name] [name]Lou[/name] is super cute. I love the name [name]Gemma[/name], never thought about MN. I like [name]Gemma[/name] [name]Cecily[/name] too.

Other ideas I have …
[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Eyre[/name]
[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Elea[/name]
[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Milena[/name]

But I still like [name]Gemma[/name] [name]Louise[/name] the best :slight_smile: Good luck!!