Gender of Tennessee?

[name]Do[/name] you think [name]Tennessee[/name] sounds better on a boy or a girl? This is hypothetical, possible middle name territory.


Boy, definitely. I instantly think of [name]Tennessee[/name] [name]Williams[/name] and nothing else.

Boy, because of [name]Tennessee[/name] [name]Ernie[/name] [name]Ford[/name].

Who’s [name]Tennessee[/name] [name]Williams[/name]?

Throughout the 130 years for which the U.S. Social Security Administration provides names statistics, the SSA has reported only 94 boys having been given the name of “[name]Tennessee[/name].” Whereas there has been a total of 604 girls having been given the name of “[name]Tennessee[/name].”

Girls win.

@countrylizbGlass Menagerie? A Streetcar Named Desire? :slight_smile:

– [name]Nephele[/name]

I think many people will say it has a masculine feel, but I can honestly picture it on girls and boys. I think it is an awesome name, and it’s on the top of my short list :slight_smile:

I automatically think of [name]Tennessee[/name] [name]Williams[/name] to (he was a playwright) but when I was younger I thought he was a girl :stuck_out_tongue: so I think it can definitely work for both genders…

It’s 100% boy to me, and all [name]Tennessee[/name] [name]Williams[/name].

[name]Tennessee[/name] [name]Williams[/name]. Only think of it as a boy. Cool name either way tho:)

  • [name]Charlie[/name]

Boy! But if i met a little girl [name]Tennessee[/name] I wouldn’t think its that strange.

I would only think boy, also I think [name]Tennessee[/name] [name]Williams[/name].

100% boy, 100% [name]Tennessee[/name] [name]Williams[/name]. I wanted to name my son [name]Tennessee[/name], but my husband is from [name]Memphis[/name] and he vetoed the name. And a friend of mine ended up naming her son [name]Tennessee[/name], so it all worked out.

I don’t know who [name]Tennessee[/name] [name]William[/name] is, but I can see it on both boy and girl. However, it does look more masculine than feminine.

For anyone who didn’t know: [name]Tennessee[/name] [name]Williams[/name] is one of the most prominent and celebrated American playwrights of the 20th century. If you’ve heard of “A Streetcar Named Desire”, “[name]Cat[/name] on a Hot [name]Tin[/name] Roof”, “The [name]Night[/name] of the Iguana”, “The [name]Rose[/name] Tattoo”, or “The Glass Menagerie” he wrote all of those and more.

Sometimes I wish I could give the whole world a library card. :slight_smile:

I personally think of [name]Tennessee[/name] [name]Williams[/name], (so, boy), BUT with the current trends in naming, if I saw the name written I would expect it to be a girl.