Gender reveal ideas for just parents?

Looking for any ideas for a gender reveal for just my husband and me! Our results are in, and we’d like to do something special rather than just reading the results on a screen lol!

How did you find out? Any special 1:1 ideas to share?


Most of the traditional gender reveal ideas would involve sharing your results with a third party such as a bakery for a cake or a party place for a balloon or confetti canon. If youre ok with that then that’s one way to go.

Another way would be to choose somewhere special to both of you, favorite restaurant, park etc, to open it together.

Maybe a fancy, romantic dinner and for dessert you’re having a gender reveal cake.

[name_u]Or[/name_u] have other people organize a scavenger hunt and at the end you get/find the the envelope with the gender.

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