🍰 georgie's competition! (part 1)

hey everyone!
i know we’re in the thick of many competitions, but i decided to join in :ice_cream: :cake: :strawberry:

last december in the quick poll thread, i polled all of my notd’s until hazel and rowan became our “names of the year!” however, it took me wayyy too long to do, and it was so disorganized because of my late start. so i’ve decided to start early! this year, i’ve been collecting the name meanings of my notd’s! i’m not choosing based on the meaning, but you will!

January & March winners

in the quick poll thread, i’ve polled january’s names already, and these won!

“moonlight” (iyla)
“sun gift” (sunniva)
“star” (estelle)

“loyal one” (truman)
“people of victory” (nikolai)
“steadfastness” (constantin)

march was also polled, and our winners are:

“she who brings happiness” (beatrice)
“holy peacemaking; gentle friend” (winnie)
“sunny” (sunny)

“dweller at the rabbit lake” (arledge)
“elm grove” (lennox)
“pup; people of victory” (colin)

below, let’s vote for february :love_letter:

girls <3
  • amy - “beloved”
  • myrilla - “shining sea”
  • anastasia - “resurrection”
  • melina - “little honey”
  • nadia - “hope; tender, delicate”
  • ruby - “deep red precious stone”
  • lucie - “light”
  • maeve - “she who intoxicates”
  • sunday - “sunday”
  • verna - “springtime”
  • josephine - “Jehovah increases”
  • amalia- “work”
  • ophelia - “help”
  • julia - “youthful / sky father”
  • charlotte - “free woman”
  • nadezhda - “hope; tender, delicate”
  • celia / celine - “heavenly”
  • willa - “will helmet”
  • cicera - “chickpea”
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boys <3
  • charles - “free man”
  • alexei - “defending men”
  • nathaniel - “gift of God”
  • valentin - “strength, health”
  • poe - “peacock”
  • henry - “estate ruler”
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the girls were hard to narrow down, even though I had 9 votes :grin: