Geraldine nn "Gilly"?

See the results of this poll: Can Geraldine go by "Gilly"?

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  • Yes, it works well : 18 (50%)
  • It’s a big stretch but might work : 12 (33%)
  • No: 6 (17%)

I think that [name_u]Gilly[/name_u] is intuitive.

[name_f]Geraldine[/name_f] nn [name_u]Gilly[/name_u] definitely makes sense to me. They start with the same letter, both have a strong L sound, and the e/i sound is in both.

Totally works!

It’s pretty dang cute!

I think it works.

[name_f]Gigi[/name_f] would be another option, which I think is adorable!

I love it! [name_u]Gilly[/name_u] makes [name_f]Geraldine[/name_f] feel fresh. It isn’t an intuitive nickname, but I don’t feel that nicknames have to be obviously connected to the given name.