Getting two puppies soon :)

[name]Hi[/name] everyone!! I’m going to be getting two Great [name]Dane[/name] puppies soon. The thing is I’m lost for names. Please feel free to post some ideas for names. [name]One[/name] is boy, he’s all black, and the other one is girl, she’s all blue (grey). I do really like the name [name]Oliver[/name] :slight_smile: for the boy but I’m not sure. As for the girl, I’m really lost on what to name her:confused:. Please help!!

I really like [name]Oliver[/name]. It’s kind of got a “goofy” vibe for me, which I think is perfect for a Great [name]Dane[/name].

I find in my experience that 3 syllable names are difficult for pets. You may find yourself calling him “[name]Ollie[/name]”, which I don’t like nearly as much.

I think 1-2 syllable names work best, or 3 syllable names that have cute nicknames.

Some of my favorites…
[name]Oswald[/name] ([name]Ozzy[/name]?)
[name]Ignatius[/name] ([name]Iggy[/name])
[name]Percival[/name] ([name]Percy[/name])
[name]Sullivan[/name] ([name]Sully[/name])

[name]Vivian[/name] ([name]Vivi[/name])
[name]Temperance[/name] (Tempe)

If it were me, I would name them [name]Percival[/name] ([name]Percy[/name]) and [name]Lottie[/name]. I read an article somewhere that dogs prefer names that end in the long e sound.