What are your thoughts on the name [name]Gibson[/name]? I’m not sure I’ll add it to my list, but I came across it this weekend and am starting to like it. It has a quaint, southern feel to it, though the association with the currently-fallen-from-grace actor [name]Mel[/name] [name]Gibson[/name] isn’t the greatest.


I know a little [name]Gibson[/name], named for his mother’s maiden name. I know I’m always beating this drum, but I personally wouldn’t use it without a family connection.

[name]Gibson[/name] is not one of my favourite surnames to use for a boys first name. [name]Edison[/name], [name]Emerson[/name], [name]Anderson[/name] etc…are much nicer. It would not be a choice in my opinion.

I don’t care for this name because I can only think of [name]Gibson[/name] guitars. If you want a surname feel, I would keep looking for something more attractive. [name]Gibson[/name] feels a little flat as a first name.

I too think of the guitars, but for me it’s a subtle link to my passion for music. ([name]Marshall[/name]'s another one but I think my brother’s got dibs on it.) I don’t mind it as a name. :slight_smile:

I’m not much of a fan, sorry! I’m sitting here, watching “i[name]Carly[/name]” with my son, and there’s a character named “[name]Gibby[/name]” (surname [name]Gibson[/name]). He’s always running around, hyper and quirky, ripping his shirt off at every chance. He’s a cute kid, but I wouldn’t use it for mine.

  • [name]Lexi[/name]

My mind goes to [name]Mel[/name] first…then to the little savant-boy from the X-Files…

I agree. I think it was a family name, in the instance I was reading about.

Too right. [name]Gibby[/name] would be a terrible nickname!

Haha I was about to mention [name]Gibby[/name].

I don’t care for it.

Well, my first thought isn’t [name]Mel[/name] [name]Gibson[/name], but [name]Gibson[/name] Guitars. I have a cat named [name]Gibson[/name] (named after the guitar brand), so I can’t see it as a first name for a real person. And I call my cat [name]Gibby[/name] sometimes, and that really isn’t a good nick name for a kid in my opinion.

I think of guitars - I like it :slight_smile: