Ginger as a nn?

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  • fresh and fun?: 14 (78%)
  • dated and tacky?: 4 (22%)

to be honest, i think of a porn star type of personality. no offense.

how about [name]Nia[/name]?

I like the suggestion of [name]Nia[/name]!

[name]Ginger[/name] is perfect! Beautiful, sweet and spunky:) Congrats!

Why not! It is cute - could possibly turn into a form of bullying as she gets older though if she stays a red head?

Other ideas: [name]Virginia[/name] nn:

[name]Fred[/name] Austaire and [name]Ginger[/name] [name]Rogers[/name]

Therefore, a classy name in my opinion. Also appropriate with the hair. I met an older lady in church today and she introduced herself as [name]Rusty[/name] (her real name was apparently [name]Nada[/name]) but because of her red hair, that’s what people called her. So there are worse nicknames!

You could calll her [name]Gina[/name] though it’s more of a letter scramble than a classic nickname.

We have been calling her virgie which somehow gets shortened to virge which is probably the worst possible nn for virginia. For some reason it’s sticking so i want to start calling her something else. it’s hard to force a nn though. sometimes I do call her V, maybe i’ll stick with that

I think [name]Virginia[/name] is a beautiful name–and [name]Ginny[/name] or [name]Ginger[/name] are cute nicknames that don’t seem to offer much tease potential. I agree [name]Virgy[/name] or [name]Virge[/name] would probably open her up to some ridicule though (potentially–some kids could carry it off:) You could also use [name]Vi[/name] (pronounced VIE). I know that’s usually used for [name]Violet[/name] but works for [name]Virginia[/name] too, I think.

It’s so cute! It sounds like the perfect nickname for your [name]Virginia[/name], I don’t see any drawbacks. It’s not like her full name is [name]Ginger[/name].

THanks! I think i’m gonna start using it. We can always back track to [name]Virginia[/name] if it doesn’t work out!

[name]Ginger[/name] is beautiful as a nn or name. In fact, I had it on my long list. My granny had red hair, so one of our daughters might have it. If so, we will call her [name]Ginger[/name].


I love [name]Virginia[/name] - great choice! [name]Ginger[/name] is my favorite nickname for it, so I voted for “fresh and fun”. Like you (and other posters) said, if [name]Ginger[/name] doesn’t work, your daughter can always go by one of [name]Virginia[/name]'s many nickname options or her lovely full name.

Other nickname options (sorry, they’re stretches), include [name]Viv[/name], [name]Vivi[/name], and [name]Gia[/name]…