Girl name suggestions, please

Okay, so it’s becoming clear that we need help naming this baby girl! Husband and I are having difficulty agreeing on a name, and when we do both like a name, our last name often kills it. So, I’m looking for suggestions! Here’s what we know so far. [name]Baby[/name] Girl will have middle name [name]Mary[/name] and last name Head. We need a first name.

[name]Just[/name] for some background on what we like, our first daughter is named [name]Josephine[/name] (nn [name]Josie[/name]). Also, here are the names we each currently like, but either can’t agree on, or go badly with our last name:

My favorites:
[name]Cecily[/name] (husband says it’s strange and too frilly)
[name]Charlotte[/name] (husband just doesn’t like it)

His favorites:
[name]Susanna[/name] (I agree it’s pretty, but I can’t get past the song Oh, [name]Susanna[/name], and I’m not crazy about any of the “[name]Su[/name]” nicknames)
[name]Eleanor[/name] (I’m just not loving it; and I think it sounds too old-ladyish when combined with [name]Josephine[/name].)

We both like:
[name]Lilah[/name] (We’re concerned about the trendiness of it, but, so far, this is our top choice that we both agree we like, and that sounds okay with Head.)
[name]Luella[/name] (The general redneck perception of it seems to make it unusable, though.)
[name]Eliza[/name] ([name]Love[/name] this name, but it sounds really odd with Head. Husband thinks it sounds fine together, though.)

So, suggestions … ?

__________ [name]Mary[/name] Head

I like [name]Eliza[/name] [name]Mary[/name] Head! :slight_smile:

Thanks! [name]Do[/name] you think [name]Eliza[/name] Head sounds odd, though? Or is it okay? Because, really, 95% of the time, no one will say her middle name.

[name]Hi[/name]! I love [name]Susannah[/name] with [name]Josephine[/name], and thought I’d mention that [name]Annie[/name] can also be a nickname.

Oh, wait. [name]Susannah[/name] Head sounds like “[name]Suzanne[/name] Ahead” to me. (I forgot about the [name]Eliza[/name] Head/“It lies ahead” issue…) I think that first names that don’t end in an A sound great with your last name (I think [name]Josephine[/name] Head sounds great!), but if you love first names ending in A, you should go for it!

A few more you may like with [name]Josephine[/name] (I love your daughter’s name!):

[name]Annabel[/name] (Although with [name]Annabel[/name], the bell sound is a noun, like Head…I still think it works, though. I love [name]Annabel[/name] [name]Mary[/name] Head.)
[name]Abigail[/name] (A lot more popular than [name]Josephine[/name], but [name]Abigail[/name] and [name]Josephine[/name] are very “[name]Little[/name] Women”…)
[name]Elizabeth[/name] (not perfect with Head, but it gives you [name]Eliza[/name] and a lot of great nicknames…)

If the A ending isn’t an issue for you, you may also like [name]Cecilia[/name] [name]Mary[/name], which is close to [name]Cecily[/name], but probably more recognizable to your husband.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

[name]Eliza[/name] Head… I thought it was perfectly fine until I read [name]Jill[/name]'s post :(… BUT it lies ahead did not come to mind at all until she put it in me head. Ok I am going to say I really like [name]Eleanor[/name] out of your choices.

I love [name]Eleanor[/name], too. :slight_smile:

I think [name]Cecily[/name] [name]Mary[/name] is gorgeous.

Other suggestions-

[name]Clementine[/name] [name]Mary[/name]
[name]Georgia[/name] [name]Mary[/name]
[name]Olivia[/name] [name]Mary[/name]
[name]Tabitha[/name] [name]Mary[/name]
[name]Stephanie[/name] [name]Mary[/name]
[name]Serena[/name] [name]Mary[/name]
[name]Sophie[/name]/[name]Sophia[/name] [name]Mary[/name]
[name]Estelle[/name] [name]Mary[/name]
[name]Isabel[/name] [name]Mary[/name]
[name]Jessica[/name] [name]Mary[/name]
[name]Jacinta[/name]/[name]Jacinda[/name] [name]Mary[/name]

Good luck!

[name]Love[/name] [name]Cecily[/name] [name]Mary[/name]!

I like [name]Eleanor[/name] [name]Mary[/name] best. NN’s [name]Ellie[/name] and [name]Nora[/name] are cute and not “old lady” at all.

[name]Love[/name] [name]Josephine[/name], by the way!

Good luck :slight_smile:

From your list my favorite is [name]Eleanor[/name] & [name]Susanna[/name]. [name]Love[/name] the [name]Ellie[/name], [name]Nora[/name] and [name]Leonie[/name]/[name]Leona[/name] nn’s. And if you don’t like the [name]Su[/name] nn’s you could always use [name]Anna[/name] or [name]Annie[/name]
[name]Love[/name] [name]Annabelle[/name] as pp suggested too. Some other names I think sound good with you last name and [name]Josephine[/name]
I’ll * my fave’s

[name]Evelyn[/name]* (nn [name]Eve[/name]/[name]Evie[/name])
[name]Camilla[/name]/[name]Camille[/name] (nn [name]Millie[/name])
[name]Rosalie[/name]* (nn [name]Sally[/name] or [name]Rose[/name])
[name]Evangeline[/name] ([name]Eva[/name]/[name]Angie[/name])
[name]Gwendolyn[/name]* ([name]Gwen[/name]/[name]Wendy[/name])
[name]Madeleine[/name] ([name]Maddy[/name]/[name]Laney[/name])
[name]Emmeline[/name] ([name]Emme[/name]/[name]Emma[/name])
[name]Marguerite[/name] ([name]Rita[/name]/[name]Maggie[/name]/[name]Maisie[/name])
[name]Matilda[/name]* ([name]Matty[/name]/[name]Tilly[/name])
[name]Tabitha[/name] ([name]Tabby[/name]/[name]Tibby[/name]/[name]Beth[/name])
[name]Penelope[/name] ([name]Penny[/name]/[name]Poppy[/name])
[name]Vivienne[/name]* ([name]Love[/name] this with [name]Josephine[/name])
[name]Arabelle[/name] ([name]Ara[/name]/[name]Belle[/name]/[name]Bella[/name])

Good luck

Now that I think about it… is Head pronounced like head or like He-duh? He-duh isn”t really right, though, now that I think about it… not sure how to put it.

[name]Cecily[/name] ” I absolutely adore [name]Cecily[/name]; I don”t find it too frilly at all, personally, and I think it quite strong. I just feel as if it has a certain strength and independence to it.
[name]Charlotte[/name] ” While [name]Charlotte[/name] is pretty, and I”d like to see the nickname [name]Charlie[/name] bestowed upon a girl, this IS sort of popular. It is a classic, though.

His favorites:
[name]Susanna[/name] ” It is very pretty, indeed; I prefer it spelt [name]Susannah[/name], however, because I actually find it either much classier or more rustic. I can see where you”re coming from with the ”[name]Su[/name]” nicknames, seeing as I”m not a fan of them myself.
[name]Eleanor[/name] ” I find it to be very pretty; I do prefer it spelt [name]Elinor[/name], however, and, in all honesty, I”ve always found it to be in the same class with [name]Josephine[/name]: pretty, classic, eloquent, but not over-done.

We both like:
[name]Lilah[/name] ” I can”t say that I”m a big fan of [name]Lilah[/name]. I prefer [name]Lilith[/name], [name]Liliane[/name], [name]Liliana[/name]… and so on. I just find them to be classier; but if you can both agree on [name]Lilah[/name], that”s half the win! (:
[name]Luella[/name] ” I do think that [name]Luella[/name] is very, very cute. I didn”t think it to be very redneck-ish when I first saw it, but now I do see how it could come across as that…
[name]Eliza[/name] ” I really like [name]Eliza[/name], but prefer it as a nickname for [name]Elizabeth[/name]. :3

[name]Louisa[/name] [name]Mary[/name] Head
[name]Caroline[/name] [name]Mary[/name] Head
[name]Jacqueline[/name] [name]Mary[/name] Head (a little too close to [name]Josephine[/name], though…)
[name]Paloma[/name] [name]Mary[/name] Head
[name]Isadora[/name] [name]Mary[/name] Head
Elixabete [name]Mary[/name] Head
[name]Amadore[/name] [name]Mary[/name] Head
[name]Oriana[/name] [name]Mary[/name] Head
[name]Theodora[/name] [name]Mary[/name] Head
[name]Iolanthe[/name] [name]Mary[/name] Head
[name]Isolde[/name] [name]Mary[/name] Head
[name]Tatiana[/name] [name]Mary[/name] Head
[name]Penelope[/name] [name]Mary[/name] Head
[name]Annabel[/name] [name]Mary[/name] Head
[name]Esther[/name] [name]Mary[/name] Head
[name]Jessamine[/name] [name]Mary[/name] Head
[name]Jessamy[/name] [name]Mary[/name] Head
[name]Amelie[/name] [name]Mary[/name] Head
[name]Rowena[/name] [name]Mary[/name] Head
Etolie [name]Mary[/name] Head
[name]Guadalupe[/name]/ [name]Guadelupe[/name] [name]Mary[/name] Head
[name]Posy[/name] [name]Mary[/name] Head
[name]Sybelle[/name] [name]Mary[/name] Head.

[name]Eleanor[/name] [name]Mary[/name] Head gets me number one vote - love it!!! [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Ellie[/name] or [name]Nora[/name].

I also like [name]Eleanor[/name] [name]Mary[/name] Head! But, I’m not crazy about the rest.

Other thoughts:

[name]Adelle[/name] ([name]Ady[/name])
[name]Philippa[/name] ([name]Pippa[/name])

[name]Cecily[/name] match [name]Josephine[/name] plus your last name the best.

[name]Cecily[/name] and [name]Josephine[/name] are lovely together…would your husband come around to this name?