Girl Names that should NEVER be used on Boys!

Ok i hear alot about unisex names, and mostly they can go nicelt either way. However i do think there are some names that are all girl, that get placed on boys. Such as…


My mind just fried, go any more?

I know men called [name]Courtney[/name], [name]Stacy[/name] and [name]Ashley[/name] so they sound perfectly masculine to me. I think you’ll find that a lot of unisex names that are mainly used for for girls, started off as boys names.

I’m sort of in the crusade for bringing boys names back from the unisex camp. It’s so weird that even though they are considered unisex they are unusable for boys. Unisex seems to be a synonym for girls names now and an antonym for boys names.

Bring back the boys! (Sorry:)

  • [name]Charlie[/name]

I agree that unisex pretty much means, good for girls, ok for boys. I guess i dont know much about orgin. And i was raised in southern california, where its girl names for girls and tough names for boys. For me its totally weird to think about a boy named Coutney even though i know one. And a guy names [name]Stacey[/name] even though i know one of those too becuase they are primarily girl names to me. However it hink [name]Morgan[/name], is onyl a male name. Not female.

Here in the UK, [name]Ashley[/name] is far more popular for boys, and long may it continue to be so!

Well, they are all originally boys names… So I kind of disagree with you.

For example, there’s a professional basketball player named [name]Courtney[/name], and it made me realize that the name [name]Courtney[/name] could work pretty well for a boy. While I do know a few girls named [name]Courtney[/name], it’s weird to hear it on a boy, but I actually do like it for a boy. Plus, [name]Court[/name] is a masculine sounding nickname.
[name]Stacy[/name] I can imagine on a boy, although less than [name]Courtney[/name]. [name]Stacy[/name] makes me think of that one song, “[name]Stacy[/name]'s Mom” so I wouldn’t want to use it anyway… haha.
[name]Ashley[/name] is all girl to me. Only because one of my very good friends, whom I’ve known since 1st grade, is named [name]Ashley[/name]. There is also a little girl in my neighborhood named [name]Ashley[/name], and both of the [name]Ashley[/name]'s I know are blond, fun, talkative people. They are just the epitome of the name [name]Ashley[/name] to me. So this one I can agree with you on.

But otherwise, I think that the only girl’s name that shouldn’t be used on a boy anymore is [name]Madison[/name]. It’s become so popular for girls, and one of my very good friends is named [name]Madison[/name], I just can’t imagine a boy named [name]Madison[/name].

I cant imagine [name]Maddison[/name] for a boy. The culture diffrence is interesting to me, as i do believe most americans have very set lines between male and female, or at least they used to, since unisex names are coming back. I was not aware that in the UK [name]Ashley[/name] was a boys name. To me that just sounds weird haha. I find it interesting.

I really hope that in a while…maybe a hundred years…names like [name]Madison[/name], [name]Ashley[/name], [name]Haley[/name], and [name]Kelly[/name] come back into fashion for boys again. They really are nice names and they are boys’ names so boys should use them someday!

All I can think of is “my name is [name]SUE[/name], how do you do? now you gonna die!” and “if I ever have a son, I’ll name him [name]Bill[/name], or [name]George[/name], any damn thing but [name]SUE[/name].”
[name]Love[/name] [name]Johnny[/name] [name]Cash[/name] :wink:

Hahaha that made me laugh:) I feel like im the only one that doesnt get names such as [name]Kelly[/name], [name]Ashley[/name], and [name]Courtney[/name] as boys names. They seem so feminine to me. [name]Just[/name] like [name]Sloan[/name] feels like a male name to me because its so masculine.

yeah, i have been thinking about names that have gone to the girls that the boys will never be able to take over these past couple of days.