Girl names!

Here is a list of names that I love and I need a name ASAP !! All the help would be appreciated !! Thank you. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated (positive and critical).

Middle name is Shannen

Her physicality isn’t completely set yet but she’s definitely short and skinny with a hourglass body shape. She’s fair/pale. Red hair and blue eyes was just what I had originally thought, you don’t have to go based off that.

Some traits are she’s soulfully sweet but very sassy and has attitude, kind of a baddie but really good at her. She has issues which make her sad sometimes but she doesn’t become depressed until towards the end of the book. She’s also very underrated in the sense that strangers love her but her family and friends don’t fully appreciate her.

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Adeline and [name_f]Delilah[/name_f] are lovely