Girl VS Boy

Are girl or boy names easier for you?

Boy names are easier for me to come up with. I have about six of my top favorite names for boys. And yet, for girls, Im only loving one. Maybe two names.

Why are boy/girl names easier for you to come up with?

Girl names are definitely easier for me. When I redid my signature to include only my top 5 names, I was struggling to narrow down to 5 favorite girl combos while I struggled to even find 5 boy combos. I also have made a top 100 list and in my girls, I see more actual faves but in my boys’ list, I see more “fillers” (ones I just put on there so it could be a true top 100 list.)

Girl name are easier for ms. I just like so many of them! Boy names are blah. I hear so many. Most of my favourite boy names end in -on, -us or -er or are more typically used on girls.
my girl names have way more variety! I have nature names, classic names, mid-popular names, trendy names… you “name” it.
For boys it’s mostly classics, with the exception of a few ([name_m]Ziggy[/name_m], [name_m]Cayden[/name_m] and [name_m]Jaxon[/name_m]).
Maybe it’s because I’m a girl that i like girl names more?
I have no idea.

I have a much easier time with girls’ names–it feels like there’s more variety, better sounds, and just more names for girls than there are for boys. Boys’ names just never seem to appeal to me in the same way; it’s like there are fewer of them that have the right combination of qualities I look for in names.

For me I think it’s easier to find girls names for myself to fall in love with. But i prefer to find boys names, which end up being harder to find.
But when it comes to other people’s girl names, I never seem to be able to toss out any decent advice.

I used to really struggle with girls names but I’m now really set on between 5-10 girls names that I love. Whereas, I have a large selection of boy’s names that I like and often go between in terms of favourites…

Girl names are easier for me to think of, but once I have my boy names there’s no budging where as I go back and forth over what girl names I like best.

I’ve only really ever thought about girls names as I’ve only ever been expecting a baby girl, but I would say that boys names are probably easier. I have select combos for boys that I would also definitely use, while for girls, they change all the time and it takes us ages to actually agree on one!

Girls names are so much easier for me. I just love so many! I find combos easier to make too. [name_m]Even[/name_m] in real life, I find that I like more girls names I hear than boys names. My boys names style is all over the place! I like a lot of boys names, but not nearly as much as I do girls names. My boys list rarely changes.

Boys’ names are wayyy easier for me. I just think with girls’ names there’s so much of an “image” attached onto each name, and so I have to like both the sounds/look AND the image attached to the name for me to really like it. I don’t have the same problem with boys’ names, really.

Girl names are the easiest for me to fall in love with. I can name 20 girls names I’d use in a heart beat but, only two boy names I’d really consider using.

In general, I found both easy… Until I was pregnant. Now I struggle with boys names I would actually use and find heaps of girls names I would. [name_m]Even[/name_m] hubby says the same. We are in struggle-town for any boys name but have several shortlisted girls.

Boy names are so much easier for me to fine, i will have such a hard time deciding!!

Definitely girls names are easier for me. I just find it easier to like them, and I’m way less picky than with boys. I don’t know, boys names just don’t appeal to me as much. I mean, I absolutely adore my favourite boys names, but I just find it difficult to find more name loves or even likes. A lot of the time, I have to try and just imagine it on a little boy to add it to my list, whereas with girls I usually only have to like the sound. It’s sometimes the only way I can get to like a boys name.

I’d say boys names are easier for me. I love more common and classic boys names. If you asked me to give you my top 10 favorite boys names, I’d have a hard time narrowing them down to just 10. In fact, my favorite boys name that I desperately want to name a son I have loved for more than 10 years. I am much more picky when it comes to girls names. I love uncommon (with the exception of a few), princess-y girls names. There are only about 5 that I absolutely adore. The rest of the girl names on my list I like, but am not head-over-heals in love with. A girls name has to give me a warm, fuzzy feeling and not many of them do.

I think with girls names, you can be more creative and daring with, as cute girls names will mostly likely still suit them as an adult but cute boys names, generally won’t suit an adult man.

Girl names are easier to come up with for me, which also makes them much harder to narrow down. That’s my dilemma. D:

I very much prefer boys names. I like more of them, and feel more for my favourite boys names than I do for any girls names that I like. I’m not sure why? I think maybe because there are so many more ‘classic’ girls names than boys names, and I don’t tend to like popular names so much. Girls names seem so overused, whereas only a small selection of boys names are overused.

With boys I have 2 combos I love deeply and therefor don’t worry about having to name a son one day. But, there are less boy names I like than girl names, making it harder to narrow down. So even though I like girl names better, I have an easier time picking out potential son names.

For me, it’s always been girl names that are the easiest. However, lately I’ve been changing my boy names around a LOT and finding new ways to combine old favorites. It’s lots of fun.