Girls from "Toddlers & Tiaras" - WOW

[name]AshLynn[/name] and [name]BreAnne[/name] also have sisters named [name]BriLeigh[/name], [name]AinsLee[/name], and [name]Brooklyn[/name]. Ugggggh.

Tootie: Yay that she has a real name.
Sparkal: I hate when parents give their child word names and then misspell them. :frowning: Boo!
[name]Maverick[/name]: I hope this a boy.
[name]Story[/name]: [name]Story[/name] is a guilty pleasure for me. I know a girl named [name]Astoria[/name] and her nn is [name]Story[/name]. :slight_smile:

The rest of the names: no comment. :slight_smile:

I laughed for ages about the 'My [name]Little[/name] Pony ’ bit :slight_smile: Trashy Trotter ha ha

There are some more names from newer seasons that I though I’d include.
[name]Kinley[/name] (She was very cute and sweet though.)
[name]Angelle[/name] (The name means “[name]Angel[/name]” but she was a nasty little brat.)