Girls' Names--First and Middle

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Respondents: 18 (This poll is closed)

  • Natalie Ann: 8 (44%)
  • Virginia Lynn: 9 (50%)
  • Callie Marie: 1 (6%)

I voted for [name]Virginia[/name] [name]Lynn[/name], but it was close with [name]Callie[/name] [name]Marie[/name]. I like [name]Virginia[/name] but there are some obvious possiblities for teasing. I like [name]Callie[/name] [name]Marie[/name] too but [name]Callie[/name] seems a little much like a nickname for a professional adult. I think [name]Natalie[/name] is a good choice too, just not my personal favorite. There was a young [name]Natalie[/name] in my son’s music class, first time I heard it on someone so young.

I voted for [name]Virginia[/name] because it’s my favorite of your first name choices, by far. I think it’s a wonderful name!
BUT, I would switch the middle name and use [name]Virginia[/name] [name]Ann[/name] instead. I think it sounds much prettier. [name]Virginia[/name] [name]Lynn[/name] has too much of the repeating inn sound.

I like the nickname [name]Callie[/name] but do you like any of the full names that get you there? [name]Callie[/name] may be a little unsubstantial as the full name. [name]Calista[/name] is my favorite and could be [name]Calista[/name] [name]Lynn[/name] or [name]Calista[/name] [name]Ann[/name], I think. [name]Caroline[/name] is also a pretty name for nickname [name]Callie[/name].

Hmmmm…we actually never thought about [name]Callie[/name] being part of a fuller name…always thought it did fine on its own. Unfortunately we don’t really care for the names that get you to [name]Callie[/name], and we can’t use [name]Caroline[/name] since it’s my niece’s name. Does it really sound bad to have [name]Callie[/name] on its own?

Personally, I think that [name]Callie[/name] on it’s own is fine. But then again, I am of the mindset that if you’re going to use a name solely because of the nickname that comes with it, you should just name your child that name since you love it so much. I grew up with someone who’s legal first name was [name]Katie[/name] because of that very argument from her father. If you want to lengthen the name though, you could spell it [name]Calleigh[/name], like the character on CSI [name]Miami[/name] does.

I [name]LOVE[/name] that spelling “[name]Calleigh[/name]” but when I posted it people seemed to not like it because of the spelling.

I know there are a lot of people on these boards that aren’t fans of alternative spellings of certain names. but I think that if you [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Calleigh[/name], you should use it. I think its adorable for what it’s worth.