Girls Names For Boys!

See the results of this poll: Which two are the most boyish?

Respondents: 29 (This poll is closed)

  • Erin: 3 (10%)
  • Kim: 1 (3%)
  • Courtney: 1 (3%)
  • Quin: 16 (55%)
  • Alexis: 7 (24%)
  • Catelin: 1 (3%)

I voted for [name]Quinn[/name]. I thought I’d suggest [name]Quincy[/name], too. :slight_smile:

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I have a nephew named [name]Quinn[/name] and at one point that name was on our boys and girls list.
I voted for [name]Quinn[/name] and [name]Erin[/name]. I prefer [name]Erin[/name] spelled [name]Aaron[/name] for a boy. I’ve heard of a few boys named [name]Alexi[/name] (no “s” at the end") pronounced uh-lex-ee.