Girls names for next year?

Hello! this is my list so far if next february/march’s baby is a girl. any thoughts, faves, suggestions? Last name is Luu. Thanks

[name]Rachel[/name], [name]Sophie[/name], [name]Anais[/name], and [name]Vienna[/name] are my favorites. :slight_smile: [name]Rachel[/name] and [name]Sophie[/name] are both on my top ten, though, so I guess I’m biased, but [name]Rachel[/name] Luu and [name]Sophie[/name] Luu are too sweet! :slight_smile: I think [name]Sophie[/name] Luu flows better, but both are so beautiful. I considered [name]Rachel[/name] [name]Anais[/name] (and [name]Rachel[/name] [name]Anais[/name] [name]Evangeline[/name]) a little while ago, and I think [name]Rachel[/name] [name]Anais[/name] Luu or [name]Sophie[/name] [name]Anais[/name] Luu would be really sweet. Or [name]Rachel[/name] [name]Vienna[/name] Luu/[name]Sophie[/name] [name]Vienna[/name] Luu.

Good luck!

[name]Gwyneth[/name], [name]Perla[/name], [name]Tatiana[/name], [name]Bianca[/name], [name]Anais[/name], [name]Kirsten[/name] and [name]Vienna[/name] are my favorites! The only name I’m not a fan of at all is [name]Peaches[/name].

yeah i think peaches is the least likely… but just had to add it. thanks both of you for commenting

I like the name [name]Ivy[/name], I think it’s going to rise in popularity in the next year or so

I like Arisa, [name]Calla[/name], [name]Gwyneth[/name], [name]Tatiana[/name], [name]Shannon[/name] and [name]Kirsten[/name]. I like [name]Calla[/name] or [name]Kirsten[/name] Luu best. Good luck!

anything but [name]Manon[/name]!

[name]Manon[/name] is so cute in French but i know people would pronounce it like [name]Shannon[/name] in [name]North[/name] [name]America[/name]…
i’m glad someone else likes Arisa… this is what DH wants so he might get it. I like it too. Not sure i matches well with my DD Chloé

[name]Calla[/name] (not sure it fits with Luu though)

Also like-

I dont know why I thought I saw [name]Ivy[/name] on this list lol, it made my comment a little strange now that I see it’s not on here, but I do like a lot of the names on the list.

thanks thetxbelle, i assumed that you thought the forum/thread was for commenting on ‘girls names for next year’ in general… its all good, and thanks for the other comments… Yeah [name]Calla[/name] Luu is like kahlula the drink!


My favorites from your list are [name]Calla[/name], [name]Gwyneth[/name], [name]Laura[/name], [name]Sophie[/name], and [name]Kirsten[/name]. I think [name]Calla[/name] [name]Gwyneth[/name] Luu would be really nice!

I actually like [name]Peaches[/name]. In elementary school I had a girl in my class named [name]Peaches[/name] and she was so cute and nice so I have a good association with it. I also [name]Love[/name] [name]Perla[/name] and [name]Anais[/name]!

A lot of different types of names here…

Arisa - I am not familiar with it. It does have a nice sound.
[name]Calla[/name] - I like this.
[name]Gwyneth[/name] - it’s okay
[name]Perla[/name] - okay
[name]Peaches[/name] - not my style
[name]Rachel[/name] - good name.
[name]Sakura[/name] - reminds me of Naruto which my son used to watch.
[name]Sophie[/name] - I like it.
[name]Tatiana[/name] - I like it.
[name]Tiffany[/name] - has a very “dated to the 70s/80s” feel as well as being considered downmarket, but - actually, I like it.
[name]Bianca[/name] - pretty nice.
[name]Anais[/name] - it’s okay
[name]Vienna[/name] - this is one of the place names I kind of like.
[name]Laura[/name] - I’ve always liked it.
[name]Manon[/name] - not bad.
[name]Shannon[/name] - this is my name, and I’m happy with it. It’s not used much on babies these days.
[name]Sharon[/name] - my name often gets misheard for [name]Sharon[/name]. [name]Sharon[/name] is considered a fashion limbo, mom and grandma type name since it was popular in 40s-60s. But if you like it I think it’s fine.
[name]Kirsten[/name] - I like this.

This thread is quite old, not sure it was bumped but my guess is that baby is already named!

Arisa - Sounds made up
[name]Calla[/name]- Ok
[name]Gwyneth[/name]- Ok
[name]Perla[/name]- Sounds made up
[name]Peaches[/name]- Sounds like a stripper name
[name]Rachel[/name]- A little outdated, but not horrible.
[name]Sakura[/name]- No
[name]Sophie[/name]- [name]Love[/name], but really popular.
[name]Tatiana[/name]- Eh, sounds prissy.
[name]Tiffany[/name]- Same ^^
[name]Bianca[/name]- Nms
[name]Anais[/name]- Sounds made up
[name]Vienna[/name]- Sausage?
[name]Laura[/name]- Nice
[name]Manon[/name]- No
[name]Shannon[/name]- Eh
[name]Sharon[/name]- Old lady sounding
[name]Kirsten[/name]- Ok