God, what do you even GET a four-year-old?

Today is my sister’s birthday – turning four. I have literally no idea what to do for her.

Maybe something like a craft kit - something she could get something out of? [name_u]Or[/name_u] maybe a book


Maybe dressing up clothes, magnets, a toy where she can build or make patterns, an Etch-a-sketch, bath bombs…these go down well with most 4 year olds.

etch a sketch

Photo incase you know it by a different brand name.

I also saw that you can get LCD ones now!

Also, rather than a “thing”, she may love it if you suggest you spend time together one day as her birthday treat. You could ask her what she’d like to do, e.g. a movie, picnic, nature walk, skating… something she enjoys and maybe you don’t normally do together.

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[name_f]My[/name_f] little one just turned 4.
The stuff she liked best from her presents was artsy stuff like washi tapes, stampers, stickers, foam shapes. Maybe some sort of age appropriate craft kit if she is into that sort of stuff?
Magnet tiles also went down well but they’re quite expensive.

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haha she is the light of my life, i already spend a lot of time with her, & there isn’t much “new” we can do with covid & all

she would LOVE washi tape, but the family wouldn’t be so happy :joy:

I gave her a load of cardboard tubes from the inside of wrapping paper, kitchen towel etc and she wrapped all her different types of washi tape around them. Kept her happy for ages :grin: But yeah once they go for the walls/furniture etc maybe not so much!

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A picture book, I recommend The yellow ballon by [name_f]Charlotte[/name_f] Dematons

A children’s cookbook

A plush toy, maybe her favourite animal?

A coloring book with a theme she likes, for example dinosaurs or disney princesses

Lego, this or this set could be suitable for a four year old.

A toy for outdoor: ball, jumping rope, badminton set, sidewalk chalk, etc

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Picture books! Inspire a love of reading from an early age.

Stuffed animals are also great.

It depends on her personality, but my five year old cousin loves Littlest [name_f]Pet[/name_f] Shop toys.

Also get her candy. Kids love candy.

Aww, that’s lovely!

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Books, books, books!!!

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A big cardboard box and stickers/markers/crayons to decorate!

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strangely she’s not a book person. every once in an eternity she wants to be read to, but…

[name_f]My[/name_f] four year old niece loves Barbies and hairstyling, I wanted to get her one of those [name_f]Barbie[/name_f] styling head things for [name_u]Christmas[/name_u] lol.

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