Going by a nickname officially in school - Bad idea?

My daughter’s nickname is Busy. This will be her first year of school and I am wondering if it is a bad idea to start her off going by Busy. Her first name does not have a nickname so this would be hers.

If that’s what people call her the majority of the time then I would have her go by Busy at school too. When you register for most schools, they have a section of the registration form where you put what the child’s preferred name is. [name]Just[/name] fill that part out with Busy and let her teacher know that that’s what she goes by. I went by a nickname all during school growing up and it was never a problem. On the first day classes, most teachers will ask students what they preferred to be called so I just told my teachers to call me by my nickname and it was never an issue.

I would use her real name, just in case. Or at least don’t make it a habit when she gets older - a few people who went to my school who routinely alternated between name / nickname on official documents haven’t been able to get into universities and colleges because they can be very fussy that you use your real, full name.

[name]Love[/name] Busy!
I’d go with whatever little Miss Biz is comfortable with. When I worked in child care I’d have parents that insisted their child be called by their full name. I’d agree to it but after the parent left I’d ask the child. They are intelligent human beings who can say what they prefer. So I’d call the child both names to appease the parent and to respect the child’s wishes (I made sure to not use the nn if Mom was in earshot)

I would just use Busy, I don’t see a problem with it.

I would go for the proper name. I see Busy being problematic in the middle school years.