Gone-Forever Names

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Ten years ago I’d never have imagined I would love names like [name]Edith[/name] and [name]Evelyn[/name]; nor could I have imagined that [name]Stella[/name] and [name]Ruby[/name] would be so popular. We know that many names cycle back around, and in a couple of generations we might have a bumper crop of tiny Bills and Peggys. But what names out there do you predict will never come around again?

I’m thinking [name]Gertrude[/name], [name]Geraldine[/name] and [name]Irma[/name]. [name]How[/name] about you?

[name]Bertha[/name], easily. The Huge WW2 gun alone is enough to kill this name forever!

I hope [name]Gertrude[/name] comes back! I think [name]Gertie[/name] is cute! Think little [name]Drew[/name] Barrymore in “ET” or little [name]Raquel[/name] Castro as [name]Gertie[/name] on “[name]Jersey[/name] Girl” Yeah, [name]Gertie[/name]'s adorable, and [name]Greta[/name]'s sexy!

All of the -oris names: [name]Doris[/name], [name]Chloris[/name], [name]Morris[/name], etc.

[name]Olive[/name], your post made me laugh! :slight_smile: The -oris names are horrid, and my heart breaks for [name]Cloris[/name] Leachman.

[name]Hester[/name], [name]Beulah[/name], [name]Hortense[/name], [name]Myrtle[/name]

[name]Cletus[/name], [name]Norbert[/name], [name]Horton[/name], [name]Buford[/name]

[name]Jill[/name], I wouldn’t cut [name]Myrtle[/name] out too quickly. She’s got that flower connection, and you never know, she might pull a [name]Hazel[/name]! :wink:

Others I’d add: [name]Selma[/name], [name]Verna[/name], [name]Rhoda[/name]

Boys: [name]Grover[/name], [name]Terry[/name], [name]Dwayne[/name]

I seriously can’t see [name]Myrtle[/name] ever coming back, and if I ever see it, I’m going into hiding. Any name that rhymes with “girdle” I simply can’t see regaining popularity. :slight_smile:

[name]Grover[/name] totally reminds me of [name]Kermit[/name], which I hate, too.

I’m adding [name]Ebenezer[/name] to this beautiful mix.



My grandfather always hated his name [name]Wilbur[/name]-mostly because of [name]Charlotte[/name]'s [name]Web[/name]-and hoped it would never come around to being popular again. Other, hopefully, dead names:

[name]Archibald[/name]-the “bald” throws me off

[name]Bertha[/name]-in agreement with everyone on that one!
[name]Franny[/name]-love [name]Frances[/name] but [name]Franny[/name] makes me think of someones [name]Fanny[/name]
[name]Fanny[/name]-see above

[name]Gay[/name]/[name]Gae[/name]/[name]Gai[/name]…Definately don’t think that could come back.

Saw one last night I’d completely forgotten about (if you can believe it)! [name]How[/name]'s this one for “I doubt it’ll ever come back”: [name]Hilda[/name]. Watched Time After Time" with [name]Malcolm[/name] McDowell swoon (okay; I’m weird) last night, saw [name]Hilda[/name] in the credits, twice!

What a great discussion! In the first edition of Beyond [name]Jennifer[/name] & [name]Jason[/name], [name]Linda[/name] and I did a list of names we thought would never come back – and then had to eat our words by the next edition. I have my hand-annotated copy of that first edition and among the names I CROSSED OFF that 1988 list of “So Far Out They’ll Probably Always Be Out” are: [name]Augusta[/name], [name]Dolores[/name], [name]Florence[/name], [name]Lenore[/name], [name]Pearl[/name] and [name]Vera[/name] for girls; [name]Edwin[/name], [name]Harold[/name], [name]Martin[/name], [name]Victor[/name] and [name]Vincent[/name] for boys.

[name]Esther[/name], [name]Frieda[/name], [name]Ida[/name] and [name]Julius[/name] are on there, all hotties today. But so are lots of names I’d STILL include as never coming back: [name]Bertha[/name], [name]Gladys[/name], [name]Hortense[/name], [name]Shirley[/name], [name]Adolph[/name], [name]Dewey[/name], [name]Irving[/name], [name]Mervyn[/name], [name]Orville[/name]. This would make a great blog post!

I love [name]Hilda[/name]!

Re: Gone-[name]Forever[/name] Names
by jillynet on Mon [name]Mar[/name] 02, 2009 4:34 pm

My grandmother’s name is [name]Hilda[/name] [name]Louise[/name]. If I had had a third daughter, I would have like to name her [name]Matilda[/name] [name]Louise[/name], or the not as popular spelling, [name]Mathilda[/name]. My grandma has always disliked her name because she was named after an aunt who lived with the family growing up. To avoid confusion, my grandma was called Hiddy!

I didn’t say I didn’t like it, just I didn’t think it would come back soon! :slight_smile: I think [name]Mathilda[/name] for [name]Hilda[/name] would be a perfect compromise! [name]Louisa[/name] [name]Mathilde[/name] (ma-TEELD) would be pretty awesome as well!

My grand mother’s names were [name]Geraldine[/name] nn [name]Gerry[/name] and [name]Phyllis[/name]. I am not a fan of either, as much as I loved them. For me [name]Millicent[/name] is in the same category along with others mentioned ([name]Doloris[/name], [name]Gertrude[/name], [name]Bertha[/name], etc)

Quick thought, [name]Myrtle[/name], nn [name]Tilly[/name] or [name]Milly[/name]? I also really dig the thought of [name]Matilda[/name]/[name]Mathilda[/name] (love this spelling!) for [name]Hilda[/name]. I also know someone thinking about [name]Millicent[/name] (for Dark Shadows!) nn [name]Milly[/name]/[name]Millie[/name] for a potential third.

And the pregnant lady down the street shared her thoughts for a girl this morning: [name]Sibyl[/name]/[name]Sybil[/name], [name]Millicent[/name], [name]Frieda[/name] & [name]Phyllida[/name] (which is as close to [name]Phyllis[/name] as I’ve ever seen! This would be a sister for [name]Byron[/name]. Her potential brother list is smaller still: [name]Lysander[/name], [name]Leon[/name], [name]Leander[/name] & [name]Lucan[/name] (which she’s not so sure about) I suggested [name]Hugo[/name], [name]Samson[/name] & Tillo/Tycho (somehow I thought with poetic [name]Byron[/name], Tycho was a pretty good fit).

Maybe I should post this elsewhere and ask for other suggestions for her. I just thought it would be nice to share her potential list (she’s due in [name]June[/name]) since it has a nice mix of current and outdated names on it, for the most part.

I LIKE [name]Millie[/name]…I just thinks its adorable. Plus, you can grow with it. I envision it on all ages.

I actually think [name]Doris[/name] has potential – there’s [name]Doris[/name] [name]Day[/name] and the Greek ocean nymph to recommend her.

[name]How[/name] do we feel about [name]Myron[/name]? I’ve seen it on lists of names that will never come back, but I think it’s really cute.

[name]Emmy[/name] [name]Jo[/name], I like [name]Byron[/name] (it feels so sophisticated), but I can’t picture a [name]Myron[/name] without a walker. Let me try again. Nope! I still see an old man with a walker and an IV drip. :slight_smile:

Very funny, [name]Jill[/name]. Yeah, it’s weird how you can have two similar names like [name]Byron[/name] and [name]Myron[/name] and one sounds hot and the other very NOT! sounds like a new blog post in the making.