Good for a nickname, but not a name?

I know a girl on my debate team and we all call her [name]Rhodes[/name]. It’s her last name and I think it’s kind of a cute name. Her real name is [name]Jordyn[/name], but we have a guy called [name]Jordan[/name] too, so she goes by [name]Rhodes[/name] to make it easier. I don’t think it would ever be a real suitable name to stamp on a birth certificate, but I can’t help but consider it a guilty pleasure. [name]Rhodes[/name]. [name]Ah[/name]! Maybe I’ll use it on a character or something.

I actually quite like it for some reason, I could definitely see it working as a first name.

I like the meaning of [name]Rhodes[/name] - “where roses grow.” It’s different!

I think that if it were used as someone’s first name, it would suit a male better than a female, it just sounds more masculine.

If I did meet a female [name]Rhodes[/name], I’d assume she was east coast money and named after family.