Gothic-ish horror names?

[name_m]Hi[/name_m]! I’ve been inactive for a while now, but I’m working on a new story and need help with a couple names. Mostly it centers around the undead and people who fight them. It takes place in a fantasy setting, but the main setting is kind of similar to the 1890s in terms of technology and fashion. I have three characters I need names for in particular.

1- male, vampire hunter/ bounty hunter, usually withdrawn and focused but has a dangerous temper

2- female, sister to 1 and has a similar job to him, but works for the government, sharp and sarcastic attitude

3- female, but I would prefer a unisex name, crime lord, has a playful and outgoing façade that most people can’t see through

The other characters I’ve named so far mostly have vaguely French-sounding names, but as long as they sound old enough I’m open for anything. Thanks for the help!