Grandparent names

I asked my mom the other day what she would like to be called when I have a kid. She said she likes [name]Oma[/name], [name]Nona[/name] and [name]Nonnie[/name]. My BF’s mom already has a grandbaby and is called [name]Nonna[/name], so [name]Nona[/name] and [name]Nonnie[/name] are probably out for us. Looks like [name]Oma[/name] is it! I havent even began to think of what my dad would be called.

What do your kids call their grandparents?

My kids call my parents [name]Nana[/name] and Grandad. They call my DH’s parents Granny and Grandpapa.

My mom already calls herself [name]Nana[/name] to our dogs haha and my [name]MIL[/name] calls herself grandma to our dogs so that is set. [name]Both[/name] our dads will prob be grandpa. My dad’s gf will probably be grandma-kim. She isn’t my step mom or anything but I know she’ll want a special title. I have no idea way my mom’s bf will be haha. My grandma’s are both still around and wil go by the same, nanny as grandmere (french). My dh’s grandma will just be grandma too. His family keeps it single.

My mom will be Mamaw, my stepdad Papaw, my dad [name]Poppy[/name], my [name]MIL[/name] Na-na and my FIL Bop-Bop. These names have all been established by other grandkids.

I have no kids, but I call my grandparents Grandma and Grandpa. All four of them. Although lately I’ve taken to calling my maternal grandmother Grandmama. I just love the sound. My great-grandmother I called Granny though.
My uncle’s stepdaughter calls his parents Grandma and Grandpa-Lastname.

My other cousins call their grandmother [name]Nana[/name].

I don’t have kids yet, but I call my grandparents [name]Mimi[/name] (me-me) and Papa (pah-puh).

[name]How[/name] about your dad be called Opa? [name]Oma[/name] is [name]German[/name] for grandma, Opa is [name]German[/name] for Grandpa :slight_smile:

See, I thought about Opa, but my parents arent together still, so I dont know if that would make it awkward for them. Plus we arent even [name]German[/name], so I dont know why my mom wants to be called that. XD I guess she just likes the way it sounds.

Btw, I [name]LOVE[/name] your taste in names.

My parents will be Gramma & Grampa & DH will be AhMa & AhKong (Chinese terms for grandma & grandpa)… it makes it simpler if you’ve married into another culture :slight_smile: When we were young, both sets of grandparents were grandma/pa-lastname. It’s a bit cumbersome -but they lived far apart, so we never saw them at the same time… no confusion that way!

my mom is Ya-Ya, my dad is PaPa and my mil is Bebo.

For me, my mother’s parents were [name]Gram[/name] and Gramps, and my father’s parents were Grandma and Granddad. My kids call my mother [name]Gram[/name]/Grammy. They called my father Granddad and my stepfather Grandpa [name]Jack[/name] or Grandpa. My daughter started calling my grandmother [name]Oma[/name] (my mother’s mother) for a reason unknown to anyone, she was about fourteen months when she started calling her that. [name]Both[/name] my sisters’ kids called her Beste, which is Grandma in Norwegian.

My parents are [name]Nona[/name] and [name]Poppie[/name]. My in-laws are Grandma and Grandpa. My son started calling my FIL [name]Bob[/name] when he was little (not his first name BTW). My FIL didn’t like it and seemed offended. I think its cute when the grandkids come up with the names.

I call my grandparents Grandma and Grandpa Lastname usually, depending on the context (use the last name if I need to specify). Though usually when I’m saying grandpa I mean the one on my dad’s side since my mom’s dad passed away when I was 2. My kids will most likely call their grandparents Grandma and Grandpa. I don’t know many people around here that call them anything else. I think it’s a regional thing. I have family on the east coast that call grandparents things like “mom-mom” or “pop-pop” or things along those lines. I never really understood it but whatever works :slight_smile:

We let the first grandchild (my daughter) decide…We started calling them Grandma so-and-so, etc. and then at 2 she decided that they are Grandma/[name]Ama[/name], [name]Nana[/name], and Papa.

For me, my grandparents were Bubbe and Zayde + Grandmom and Grandpop.
My husband’s are/were [name]Nan[/name] and Pop, Grandnan and Granddad.

We’ve decided mine will be Bubbe and Da (if he doesn’t warm to Zayde) and husband’s mum will be [name]Nan[/name] and stepdad will be Pop, and his dad will be Grandad and stepmom will be Grandnan.

My Jewish grandparents were Grampy and Grammy. My dad can’t wait to be a Grampy (: my mom I’m not so sure about but I don’t think she’s eager for Grammy. My other grandparent was just Gra’ma (that’s how it was prn) and her husband who died very young is always reffered to as just Grandaddy when we talk about him. I know my mom will not take to Bubbe (yiddish) … I like [name]Abba[/name] and Eema for grandparents although they mean just mom and dad in Hebrew. NO idea what the hubby’s parent will be called. They’re not Jewish so I like [name]Gram[/name] & Pops … oh wait that sounds like food I must be hungry.

I have no kids myself yet, But have always called my grandparents be Grandma and Grandpa, on both sides. When talking about them, but not to them, I have always said Grandma and Grandpa-Lastname.
My sister has 3 step-children and when she got married to their father, they had a conversation with my mother about this and she decided she would be called [name]Oma[/name] (we are [name]German[/name]) since they already had Grandma and [name]Nana[/name] on their mother and father’s sides. The kids had never heard [name]Oma[/name] before, so they thought she said “Oldma” so now that’s what she goes by. Makes for some strange looks from others thinking the kids are being disrespectful, but we all think its cute.

My parent’s are Grammy & Poppop. Husband’s parent’s are just Grandma & Grandpa or Grandma/Grandpa last name. Great-grandparent’s are Grandma/Grandpa first name on husband’s side (when husband was a child they were Grandma/Grandpa last name). Great-grandparent’s on my side were Mammam & Pappap, Grandmom & Granddad last name. Husband’s dad was very eager for them to be Grandma/Grandpa last name, like his father & mother before him, and husband’s mom didn’t have the heart to deny him that. She would have preferred a different title though. I wanted my parent’s to be Mommom & Poppop as that would be similar to Mammam & Pappap-actually using Mammam & Pappap just felt weird as they were Mammam & Pappap, the central unit of my mother’s family, quintessentially Mammam & Pappap. Dad liked Poppop and Mom said she liked Mommom but when baby arrived she naturally referred to herself as Grammy which was what she called her very dear to her Grandmother. I tend to want to refer to her as Mommom but I try correct it to Grammy before I say it. Most of the time now I say Grammy. I’m from [name]Jersey[/name], husband’s from [name]California[/name]. Mommom & poppop does seem to be a regional thing, much more common back east. Everyone out here seems to be grammy or grandma & grandpa, unless they are very young grandma’s. The young grandma’s don’t seem to like the title Grandma, prefer alternatives such as [name]Nana[/name] or [name]Oma[/name] and such. My one friend is a grandma at just 28 (stepdaughter) and has a baby herself, I can understand her finding “Grandma” a little odd. As to Mammam & Pappap, my mom doesn’t know why they were called that, it was set long before she could remember, there being a 25 year age gap between her (the youngest) and her oldest brother. I know of plenty of Mommom’s & Poppop’s but no other Mammam’s & Pappap’s.

Great thread!

My kids have six (!) “Grandmas”. Grandma [name]Kathy[/name] (my mom), Grandma [name]Sonya[/name] (my maternal grandma), Grandma [name]Vera[/name] (my paternal grandma), Grandma [name]Vicki[/name] (husband’s mom), Grandma [name]Anna[/name] (his maternal grandma) and Grandma [name]Esther[/name] (his maternal great-grandma). It’s probably a bit confusing for them! Haha.

There are no male ancestors alive on my husband’s side. My dad and paternal grandfather are both Papaw (Papaw [name]Mike[/name] and Papaw [name]Jack[/name]) and my maternal grandpa is just Grandpa.

My mom will be [name]Mimi[/name] and step dad will be [name]Poppy[/name], my niece already calls them that :slight_smile:

My grandparents were Gaga and Grampa, and Mom and Grampa. No idea where Gaga and Mom came from, but it worked :slight_smile:

My parents will be [name]Avia[/name] and Avos (Latin) when my kids are born