Grayer, Grady, Grayson

Grayer and [name_u]Grady[/name_u] have been on my name list for as long as I can remember. I absolutely adore both of them, though I’d probably pick Grayer over [name_u]Grady[/name_u] if my husband wasn’t involved in the picking. :wink:

My concern with using either of them for a future boy is that we have a nephew named [name_m]Grayson[/name_m]. He is only ever referred to as [name_m]Grayson[/name_m], whereas our Grayer or [name_u]Grady[/name_u] would probably be referred to as [name_u]Gray[/name_u] most often.

Would you consider these to be too close for us to even consider using as a first name?

I think they’re too close if you see them often. My cousin and I have the same name and are only a year apart, so we always have to use other nicknames with family so it doesn’t get confusing. If you see them very rarely/they live far away, you could probably get away with it.

I have a preference for [name_u]Grady[/name_u]! It’s sweet and charming, and also isn’t too terribly close to [name_m]Grayson[/name_m]. I’ve heard of cousins having the same names and your names aren’t exactly identical, but they’re so close, it just feels easier to go with [name_u]Grady[/name_u]!

Whatever you choose, it’ll be perfect for you baby :slight_smile: Congrats!

I definitely prefer [name_u]Grady[/name_u] - I don’t think Grayer is much of a name. I also think that Grayer is much too close to [name_m]Grayson[/name_m], whereas [name_u]Grady[/name_u] isn’t - but it might be if you refer to him as [name_u]Gray[/name_u]. But that also depends on how often you see your family member. If it’s fairly regularly, I don’t think I would use it.

[name_m]Even[/name_m] [name_u]Grady[/name_u] is close enough to [name_m]Grayson[/name_m] that it really depends on whether your relatives see it that way — you’d definitely need their blessing or risk hard feelings along with possible confusion. I strongly prefer [name_u]Grady[/name_u]; Grayer is somewhat hard to say with the double “R” sound, and feels a little like a downer, like “even more blah.”

I think either are usable alongside [name_m]Grayson[/name_m], absolutely no problem.

You didn’t ask for feedback on the names themselves so forgive the unsolicited advice, but Grayer sounds like a comparative adjective (his hair is grayer than hers).

[name_u]Grady[/name_u]/[name_u]Gray[/name_u] is so handsome.

Thanks ladies!

Now that you’ve pointed out the same cons about Grayer that I’ve been thinking, I’m really thinking [name_u]Grady[/name_u] would be the way to go!