Greek Names / Derivative of Anastasios

[name_m]Hi[/name_m] All! We are trying to somewhat follow our Greek heritage except don’t love the name [name_m]Anastasios[/name_m] or names usually derived from this name such as Tass, [name_m]Tasso[/name_m], Souli or [name_m]Tom[/name_m].
Anyone have any suggestions? I’m hearing more and more 2nd and 3rd generation Greeks are using more modern names and really loosely tying them back with the traditional name. Would appreciate ANY suggestions! x

I am not an expert on Greek culture, but my sister in law is half-greek. She has lots of uncles and cousins with a "proper " Greek name on the birth certificate and modern, American-culture friendly nick names. For example, she has an uncle Constantinos who goes by Gus. I think it’s a good compromise and unlikely to cause many problems.

Some names I think would work well as a shorthand for Anastasios are:

Terrence <=has the right “feel” to go with Anastasios

Stacy <=a traditional Greek-American solution for Anastasios

Tucker <= a bit of a stretch, but I really like it.

Nate <=simple and classic

Aaron <=a classic

Aston <=modern and clearly ties to Anastasios

Ambrose <=a handsome Greek name

Sonny <=Particularly appropriate as it indicates being named after a family member.

Anatole <=A handsome Greek name associated with the rising sun- a symbol of renewal and rebirth, particularly appropriate as the meaning of Anastasios is “resurrection.”

Ace <= Perhaps the simplest and most accessible option for you. So sleek and chic! Plus it’s an obvious nickname for Anastasios.

Ajax <= This one sounds super strong and would be right on trend!

Pascal <= This handsome name means Easter, which ties into the meaning of Anastasios.

On the other hand, you could put Anastasios in the middle spot, and save the first name for something you truly love. "A " makes a nice middle initial! Are there any modern names you really like?