Guilty Pleasure Name List!

I’m pretty sure everyone has a guilty pleasure name list- names that you love but would never consider using. I’m just wondering what everyones list is! Please post!!!


I could probably think of a lot but there’s mostly one big one -[name]Tiffany[/name]. What is it I even like so much about this name???

[name]Agatha[/name]! For some reason I’ve been loving this name lately. But realistically I’d probably never use it (the [name]Ag[/name]-Hag connection holds me back).

As for boys, I sort of love [name]Horatio[/name]. I’m a sucker for names with lots of vowels :slight_smile:



I don”t have many, but, hmm, we”ll see…

[name]Sherlock[/name] ” [name]Ah[/name], it and its many differing variations in spelling! (; It”s so charmingly handsome, and yet [name]Sherlock[/name] [name]Holmes[/name] (whom I happen to love xD) seems to be about the only one that can pull this off. But, still… :smiley:
[name]Ludwig[/name] ” Not quite ready to completely leave this name, though. (: It just sounds so classical and refined to me, and I just love the spelling, too! Then again, the ”wig” is slightly off-putting yet hilarious. xD It has a nice sound, too.
Athenodora ” Not sure I would use this one (at least as a first name!) but I absolutely [name]LOVE[/name] it.
Chrysanthemum ” Oh, yes, I love it! (: It”s so gorgeous. Gah. It”s the ”[name]Flower[/name] of Death” in Europe, I believe.

[name]Columbine[/name]-- I realize it would be cruel and insensitive to name a girl this, but it’s such a beautiful name and a flower that isn’t overused. Also, I like the aura of sadness it has.

[name]Lolita[/name]-- I don’t actually like this name, I just like how taboo it is.

Liar-- it has a beautiful phonetic sound. I would love to name my son Liar, but unfortunately, it has a bad meaning.

[name]Amber[/name]-- sounds like an '80s slut name, but I secretly love it.

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This is probably the best post I’ve read - because I have so many of these… names I love but would never use… and actually be secretly embarrassed of ever mentioning. hehe.


[name]Cayden[/name] (not very popular in UK, and actually comes across as quite “common”)



This is probably the best post I’ve read - because I have so many of these… names I love but would never use… and actually be secretly embarrassed of ever mentioning. hehe.


[name]Cayden[/name] (not very popular in UK, and actually comes across as quite “common”)



I have a new guilty pleasure: [name]Laurence[/name] (for a girl).

I defintely have some guilty pleasures, boys are probably worse than girls,



  • [name]Elena[/name] :slight_smile:

Great Topic!

[name]Faline[/name]- disneyfied I know but it has such a soft sound
Appalachia- it just has such a pretty sound
[name]Day[/name]-[name]Lily[/name]- would never use I just like the idea
Edelweiss- again such a pretty sound
Lulling & Darling- so sweet
[name]Fairlee[/name]- I can just picture a cute, curly haired little girl
Evensong- paints a pretty picture

I guess I’m a sucker for sweet things…

[name]Apollo[/name]- quite a name to live up to, but I love the sound
[name]Eros[/name]- See [name]Apollo[/name]
[name]Caspian[/name]- I love the sound
[name]Bing[/name]- I’m a sucker for short names
[name]Ira[/name]- I love this for a boy
[name]Maddox[/name]- Hate the celeb connection, love the name
Mallow/[name]Malo[/name]- but its way to close to marshmallow

[name]Agnes[/name], I don’t know why but I absolutely love it!
[name]Clarabelle[/name], I fear it has too close of a connection to a cow’s name.


I really like [name]Meadow[/name] and Tigerlily. Waaay too hippy for me though.

What a great post!

[name]Kendra[/name] - I know it’s dated, I know there’s a TV show now…but I don’t care, I love it anyway.
[name]Hala[/name] - I think it’s so simple and gorgeous, but I have issues with using such an obviously ethnic name when our family is clearly white-bread boring Euro-mutt.
[name]Truly[/name] - Word names are not my real life style, but I think [name]Truly[/name] nn [name]Tru[/name] is nice
Katriel - It’s a male Hebrew name but I think it’s adorable for a little girl
Avonlea - [name]Anne[/name] of [name]Green[/name] Gables…nuff said

[name]Aidan[/name] - Yes. I like it. [name]Sue[/name] me.


For girls…

[name]Crystal[/name] - it’s 70s-80s dated and seems to get a bad rap but I still love it
[name]Ava[/name] - too popular
[name]Persephone[/name] - too strange
[name]Kismet[/name] - too strange
[name]Betsey[/name] - too old-fashioned
[name]Gianina[/name] (gee-ah-NEE-nah) & [name]Mattea[/name] (ma-[name]TAY[/name]-ah) - I’m not Italian
[name]Tamra[/name] - guilty pleasure name because I know one and can’t stand her…thus could never use the name, even though I love it

For boys…
[name]Oberon[/name] - character in A Midsummer [name]Night[/name]'s [name]Dream[/name]
[name]Cheney[/name] - great name, unfortunately shared by the former vice president
[name]Django[/name] - it’s just cool to say
[name]Ryker[/name] - unfortunately shares the name with a prison

I have a lot of these! Here are just a few:

[name]Addison[/name] (sadly belongs to the girls now…)




[name]Rhapsody[/name] - I love the meaning, and I think the word is very beautiful. I probably couldn’t get away with it, though.
[name]Journey[/name] - sort of celebrity-ish, but I don’t care.
[name]Jagger[/name] - yes, for a girl. My best friend knew a girl named [name]Jagger[/name].
[name]Jersey[/name] - see [name]Journey[/name]
[name]Persephone[/name] - I’m a total Greek mythology nerd.
[name]Spencer[/name] - I know so many people hate boy’s names for girls, but I don’t care.
[name]Gracelynn[/name] - Yeah, I like a “tryndee” name. [name]Sue[/name] me.
[name]Kayden[/name] - See [name]Spencer[/name] (although it looks and sounds more feminine to me).
Gemedsica - pn jeh-med-sick-uh. I knew a girl with this name in middle school, and she was always getting compliments on how pretty it was (she went by [name]Gem[/name]). I fell in love with it, but it looks awkward.
Mekare - pn muh-car-eh. It’s a name from [name]Anne[/name] [name]Rice[/name]'s Vampire Chronicles. I’d probably never use it, but I still like it.
Alaska - love the meaning behind it!
[name]September[/name] - don’t know why

Lestat - again, an [name]Anne[/name] [name]Rice[/name] name.
[name]Armand[/name] - see Lestat. I think it sounds handsome.
[name]Zeppelin[/name] - I’d never use it, but I like it. I love the band. :stuck_out_tongue:
[name]Kash[/name] - don’t judge me! xD
[name]Slade[/name] - again, don’t judge…
[name]Jett[/name] (I swear I’m not a celebrity)
[name]Alastair[/name] - it’s not exactly a guilty pleasure, but I’m pretty sure the name of this guy who was into black magic or something was named [name]Alastair[/name] Crowley. Then again, the mystery makes me like it even more. (I’m weird, I know.)

Also, I’m glad to see some people secretly like [name]Cruz[/name], I love it as well. It sounds quite handsome. :smiley:

[name]Kimi[/name] (I [name]LOVE[/name] this so much, but I don’t think I’d get away with it on a boy.)
[name]Loren[/name] (See [name]Kimi[/name])
[name]Karol[/name] (See [name]Kimi[/name] also)
[name]Ebenezer[/name] (Hate the association, still a marginal chance I might use it.)


I have a few, but ‘too strange’ isn’t good enough reason for me. Bad history or wrong gender or unfavourable namesakes or being the ONLY person alive who likes the name are good enough reasons. Anything that would make the name a burden for the child that can’t be fixed with a good story or a heroic namesake.

[name]Armande[/name] - Since [name]Armand[/name] is generally a boys’ name
[name]Dido[/name] - I don’t like the singer, [name]LOVE[/name] the name!
[name]Doe[/name] - I’d never use [name]Bo[/name], so using [name]Doe[/name] would be hypocritical
[name]Earnestine[/name] - From a song, I know I shouldn’t
Hummingbird and Sunflower - she would Never be taken seriously!
Radka - For a Norwegian jazz singer, but it’s so boy-ish compared to all other names I like
[name]Silence[/name] - [name]LOVE[/name], but my daughter would not. [name]Silence[/name] is not always a virtue, especially not these days.
[name]Yvaine[/name] - I’m a [name]Neil[/name] Gaiman fan, but this would sound trashy to most people

[name]Ambrose[/name] and [name]Amias[/name] - Girly much?
[name]Bear[/name] - probably not the best animal name
[name]Dewey[/name] - I love it for the [name]Dewey[/name] Decimal System, my son would hate it for the exact same reason among other things
[name]Dudley[/name] - Too cuddly for a boy these days, plus [name]Harry[/name] [name]Potter[/name].
[name]Donald[/name] - It’s just hopelessly unstylish! plus the Duck.
[name]Elmo[/name] - but I might go there and teach him all about [name]St[/name]. [name]Elmo[/name]'s [name]Fire[/name]
[name]Iago[/name] - Would be like naming him BadGuy.
[name]Joss[/name]/[name]Jody[/name] - again, girly. I think I’d be bold enough to use them in the middle?
[name]Sayid[/name] - seriously lack the heritage! :S

There are some more ‘seriously lack the heritage’ on the girl’s list but I feel like you can get away with more when it comes to girls’ names… [name]Soledad[/name], Lluvianna, [name]Socorro[/name], [name]Noor[/name], Th”otime, [name]Mat[/name]”i and [name]Jan[/name]”s fall into the same category, not necessarily because they’re so outlandish but because they’re so closely linked to a specific nation or area or language that unless you’re from there or spent time there you can’t really get away with it… [name]Noor[/name], [name]Soledad[/name] and [name]Sayid[/name] are the worst I think…