Hannah Eden or Eden Hannah

WDYT? [name]Just[/name] for fun.

[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Eden[/name].

I agree: [name]Hannah[/name] [name]Eden[/name]!

It’s lovely and soft, very feminine and classic.

[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Eden[/name].

[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Eden[/name] – beautiful!
As much as I love the name [name]Eden[/name], whenever I say it out loud I can’t get past how it sounds like “eatin’ fill-in-the-blank”

I think I prefer the name [name]Eden[/name] but I do think that [name]Hannah[/name] [name]Eden[/name] has a better flow than [name]Eden[/name] [name]Hannah[/name].