Happy Birthday to Ailsa!

[name]Ailsa[/name]/redridinghood’s birthday isn’t for another eight days (Oct. 10th), but she’s going through a rough time right now, so I figured she could use an early birthday hail.

So, everybody, please bring a virtual birthday present to this party thread for [name]Ailsa[/name]. :slight_smile:

I’m going to be extravagant and present [name]Ailsa[/name] with this Victorian carousel:

[name]Ailsa[/name], choose your horse and ride, girl, ride! Wheee!

[name]Happy[/name] Birthday!

– [name]Nephele[/name]
P.S. [name]Don[/name]'t worry, when [name]October[/name] 10th rolls 'round, we’ll party some more!

[name]Happy[/name] Birthday [name]Ailsa[/name]!

My gift to you are some new/old books

and a massage chair to read them in.

That’s a great pressie, Disa! [name]Ailsa[/name] will need that comfy chair to ease her saddle sores from the carousel! lol

– [name]Nephele[/name]

LOL! If I had my own carousel I’d ride it all day long and eat pink cotton candy until I couldn’t walk straight or my fingers got stuck together.

I actually mailed a real present to [name]Ailsa[/name]. From [name]California[/name] to [name]Wales[/name]. It is a tiny present, and I bought it at my hairdresser’s house. I can’t wait for her to open her present. When she opens it, she will have to say what it is on this thread.
But if I were to give her a pretend present, I would give her a [name]Jaguar[/name] (car, not a big cat). I would also give her a trip to [name]Hawaii[/name], to the island of Kaui. I would go, too! We would stay in the bird sanctuary and cactus arboretum by the ocean. We would walk around and look at the enormous cacti.
to [name]Ailsa[/name], [name]Happy[/name] Birthday! love, [name]Susan[/name]

Oh, how kind of you all!!! I will reply over the weekend properly, as it is 3am now, and I am a bit Sleepless in Seattle kind of feeling ([name]Susan[/name] and [name]Nephele[/name] know why), so I am delighted that you are thinking of me, and now I can start to celebrate for the coming week.

[name]Love[/name] the carousel - they remind me of fairgrounds when I was a child, and those fabulous old books! and I really could do with that chair RIGHT NOW.

Thanks, Disa, [name]Susan[/name], [name]Nephele[/name]! I will come back to this tomorrow when I may or may not be more in my right mind.


[name]Happy[/name] (almost) birthday to you, [name]Ailsa[/name]! :slight_smile: I’m having trouble posting images here, but I’ll work on it. I’m off to “virtual” shop now!


Have a great day! :slight_smile:

Yes, I will have to get my children to show me how you post images on this. In time for Other People’s Birthdays. You know who you are.


ps [name]Susan[/name], would love a [name]Jaguar[/name]. I have a miniscule [name]Ford[/name] Ka which is on its last legs (tyres) xx and would love to travel and sit with you and see the cacti


PS thank you [name]Jill[/name] for your kind thoughts. [name]Hope[/name] the virtual shopping went well!x

[name]Happy[/name] early celebrating, [name]Ailsa[/name]! I am not much of a techie so i can’t post you a virtual present but if I could, I would send you every Name Book I could find LOL!!!

[name]Happy[/name] early birthday, [name]Ailsa[/name]! :slight_smile:

Thank you unicorngal! I would love every name book ever written! And thank you elea for your beautiful balloons! I have some very good friends here on Nameberry, and to think I only joined in [name]July[/name]!


[name]Happy[/name] Birthday!

I saw this post yesterday, and have been thinking a lot about what to give [name]Ailsa[/name], because it has to be the most wondrous gift for such an amazingly loveable lady ^^

I finally found it! I’m going to give her some love! A whole archive of it, actually!
The link above is a site where a new tiny love note written on cardboard is posted every other day, and the best part; it has been going on for some time, so they have a pretty archive as well!!
So [name]Ailsa[/name], every time you feel like the world could use a bit more love, you can just go to that ‘easy to remember’ site and be reassured that there is [name]LOVE[/name] in this world! I know reading those pieces of cardboard always makes me happy, so now it can brighten your day as well!!
[name]Happy[/name] Birthday in advance! Best wishes, and some love from Dearest ^^

[name]Happy[/name] Birthday for the 10th [name]Ailsa[/name]!! Have a great time with all your virtual pressies lol


(don’t know if it’ll work…)

love [name]Charlie[/name] :slight_smile:

Charliehotsox let see if this works

Oh thank-you Disa! how did you do that?

I’m the not the most computer savvy but my husband is. Here is what he showed me.

um ok lol will try to remember that:)