This is a family name of mine, but only in the middle spot and back in the 1800’s. Could it be used today for a boy (or girl)? Is it too similar to [name]Harper[/name]? Would it be better to spell it [name]Harbor[/name]?

Honestly, for me, I think it’s too easy to make inappropriate jokes out of that name - for either gender. If you wanted to use it I would still suggest using it in the middle.

I love the idea of [name]Harbor[/name] (spelled this way) as a name–it just seems to symbolize safety to me, and I like the feeling it gives off–but I do think it’s a bit too GPish for an actual FN. What about using it as a MN? I think [name]Silas[/name] [name]Harbor[/name] or something would be pretty cool.

I think it’d be fantastic as a middle name, but not sure how I feel about it as a first. Many people might hear [name]Harper[/name] instead of Harbour.

I would think it would be misheard as [name]Harper[/name], but Harbour makes an interesting middle name. What’s some others you like so we can put them together with Harbour?

I think it would be very cool as a mn…if people are using [name]Honor[/name] and [name]Harper[/name], why not Harbour?
And, I like it spelled Harbour, like you have it…but maybe that’s just because I’m Canadian! :slight_smile:

For a name, when I said it aloud I think I’m saying [name]Harper[/name] with a cold… It’s interesting though. I’d put it in the middle name spot only.

Immediately I thought of [name]Haven[/name] and for a girl.

Prefer [name]Harbor[/name] and for boy but it works for both

I agree with most pp’s–it would be great in the middle, but too often misheard I think in the first slot

It’s too bad, but I too think it would be misheard as [name]Harper[/name] since [name]Harper[/name] is so familiar right now. I like it for a boy, but I also like [name]Haven[/name] for a boy :slight_smile: If you used Harbour in the middle, I’d stick with that family spelling.