Harlow or Marlow?

I really like the sound of both of these names, but, even though they are similar, they seem so different to me.

[name]Harlow[/name] is a bit more… Harsh and sometimes it makes me think of “harlot”, but others have told me they dont understand that. My boyfriend said he prefers [name]Harlow[/name] over [name]Marlow[/name]. I do think [name]Harlow[/name] sounds good with my other top girl names though. [name]Scarlett[/name], [name]Maeve[/name], and [name]Harlow[/name]?

[name]Marlow[/name] has a much softer sound to me. BUT I don’t like repeating letters and my boyfriend is pretty set on [name]Maeve[/name]. Plus [name]Marlow[/name] sounds like more of a surname, so it sounds a bit more… Unisex to me. I’m really not a fan of unisex names.

What do you guys think? Which one do you like more? Please give me an explanation.


  • [name]Kylee[/name]

My best friend through middle school and high school was [name]Marlo[/name] (no ‘w’). So I do like that name. But I like [name]Harlow[/name] with that your other names and it doesn’t have the repeating letters. Despite my love of [name]Marlo[/name] and my associate with that, I’d use [name]Harlow[/name] in your case. :slight_smile:

I prefer [name]Harlow[/name] and it goes better with your other names. [name]Marlow[/name] does sound more masculin to me.

I like [name]Harlow[/name] more because to me its a little more feminine and softer. In saying that i don’t dislike [name]Marlow[/name], just prefer [name]Harlow[/name]

[name]Marlo[/name] is an ‘it girl,’ but I like the literary [name]Marlowe[/name]. Very cool.

[name]Harlow[/name] is, and always will be, a hard-living largely talentless Old Hollywood star whom no one should have ever honored by naming their child after her. And [name]Nicole[/name] [name]Ritchie[/name]'s baby. And, as you mentioned, it’s one letter off from harlot.

It seems like you like the -oh sound at the end?

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

And yeah, blade, I have begun to notice that I like the “oh” ending. Or harsher endings like [name]Scarlett[/name] and [name]Felix[/name]. My boyfriend really likes [name]Hugo[/name], which I think is really handsome and [name]Theodore[/name] is my absolute favorite with the nickname [name]Theo[/name]. I didn’t realize I was starting a pattern, haha.

I prefer [name]Marlow[/name] to [name]Harlow[/name]. I guess that I prefer M names over H names. [name]Marlow[/name] also reminds me of [name]Christopher[/name] [name]Marlowe[/name] the poet/writer, which is a pleasant association. Also, [name]Marley[/name] seems like a natural nickname for [name]Marlow[/name], which seems feminine to me. [name]Harley[/name] could be used as a nickname for [name]Harlow[/name] and it sounds more masculine to me.

I prefer [name]Harlow[/name] for a girl and [name]Marlow[/name] for a boy.

I wouldn’t use [name]Marley[/name] or [name]Harley[/name] as nicknames… A friend has a daughter named [name]Marley[/name] and my dad paints Harleys, so those would never work out, haha. Plus, I always think of [name]Bob[/name] [name]Marley[/name], so [name]Marley[/name] does seem a bit masculine to me.

Feminine -oh names which seem to match your preferred vintage/classic style:

[name]Florence[/name] nn [name]Flo[/name]
Monaco (?a stretch?)
[name]Margo[/name]/ [name]Margaux[/name] / [name]Margot[/name]
[name]Ottilie[/name] nn [name]Otto[/name]
[name]Domenica[/name], [name]Nicolette[/name], etc nn [name]Nico[/name]
[name]Neko[/name] (as in [name]Neko[/name] [name]Case[/name])
[name]Colette[/name], nn [name]Coco[/name]
[name]Josephine[/name] nn [name]JoJo[/name]


All of those are actually on my long, long, long list of names, haha. A lot of them have been vetoed for various reasons. [name]Cleo[/name] is still very much on my probable middle name list. So is [name]Ottilie[/name] actually and I really love [name]Juno[/name], but all my boyfriend thinks of is the movie and we weren’t really fans of that.

[name]Harlow[/name] :slight_smile: is my fave!

I prefer [name]Harlow[/name]

I really like [name]Harlow[/name]. I’m not fond of [name]Marlow[/name], as I do have experience with this being a surname. Used as a fn, I’d definitely assume that it was a boy before meeting.

I think that [name]Harlow[/name] fits wonderfully with the other names as well.

I quite like [name]Harlow[/name]. It makes me think of [name]Jean[/name] [name]Harlow[/name] so is evocative of old school glamour.
I really dislike [name]Marlow[/name] especially that spelling. [name]Marlowe[/name] looks infinitely better. It makes me think of [name]Christopher[/name] [name]Marlowe[/name] who may or may not have been the author of [name]Shakespeare[/name]'s works.

I [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Harlow[/name]!! It’s what I would like to name my daughter when I have one. I know I am crazy for thinking this, but if “Harlot” (expect I would spell it Harlette) didn’t mean what it means, I think it’s a nice sounding name haha :p. But unfortunately it has a bad stigma. I really just like names that begin with the “Har” sound like [name]Harlow[/name], [name]Harper[/name], [name]Harmony[/name] and [name]Harlyn[/name].

I guess I like “Har” names too as [name]Harlow[/name] and [name]Harper[/name] have both been on my list for a long time. I can’t think of harlot as anything other than what it is, haha. But then again, it does rhyme with our favorite name, [name]Scarlett[/name]. I never really thought of it that way though.

First off, [name]Maeve[/name] is a gorgeous name.

Im not really keen on either [name]Harlow[/name] or [name]Marlow[/name]. If you went solely by nn sound, imo [name]Marlow[/name] wins hands down.

I met a little girl at my oldest nieces birthday the other day and she said her name was [name]Rowe[/name]. I thought that was an interesting name, but I did manage to find out that [name]Rowe[/name] was her nn, and that [name]Marlowe[/name] was her real name.

Thanks so much! [name]Maeve[/name] is usually the name that makes my heart all gooey, but my boyfriend just loves [name]Scarlett[/name] ten percent more, haha.

I’ve seen [name]Marlo[/name] (usually spelled this way, but that seems kind of trendy to me) a couple of times, but never [name]Harlow[/name]. I think [name]Rowe[/name]/[name]Ro[/name] is a cute nickname, but I can’t really think of many nicknames besides [name]Marley[/name], which, as I mentioned before, I dont really like and can’t use anyway. I think I kind of like that though. Im not really a huge fan of nicknames.

I prefer [name]Harlow[/name] :slight_smile:
[name]Marlow[/name], I prefer for a boy.