Has anyone heard of the name Coila?

I recently remembered that a former co-worker (from 10 years ago) was named Coila, pronounced “Kway-lah”. I can’t find any information on it; does anyone know anything about this name? I’m pretty sure it’s French, but could be wrong. I’d love more info!

I looked and found it was Australian on one site, but here is an interesting link:


I haven’t heard of it. I know how I would pronounce it if I saw it. Coil-ah. And I would think of car parts. Sorry. JMO.

[name]Lemon[/name] - thank you! I have been searching for any information, but hadn’t found anything! That site is very interesting!

As for pronunciation, yes, I would have pronounced it “Coil-ah”, too, just based on spelling, yet the person I knew with this name pronounced it “Kway-lah”. It took awhile to get used to it since I saw her name spelled more than I said it!

I went to law school w/ a girl named Coyla…she pronounced it like it sounds. That is the only person i have ever known with the name.

I often wondered if the way the Coila I knew pronounced her name was a derivative of “[name]Coy[/name]-lah”, breaking up the name between the I and the L. And looking at the site that [name]Lemon[/name] posted, it looks like it could have even begun as “[name]Cole[/name]-ah”. “Translating” from Australian or British-English to American-English could have made the [name]Coy[/name] or [name]Cole[/name] into the Kway sound, perhaps? I’m reaching here, but trying to figure out why she pronounced it like she did!

I know a woman named [name]Zoila[/name] who is from South [name]America[/name] and she pronounces it “soy-la”.