Hatton Zane

We are considering the name Hatton for our son. My 6 yr old daughter made it up after taking the name of Manhatton and saying he is a little man so let’s call him Hatton. I know it is a last name but never heard it as a first name. Is it too weird? Would love some feedback

I think that Hatton would fit in with the -on, two-syllable name trends sweeping the country right now - however, I personally don’t really like it. When I first glanced at it, I was a little unsure of the pronunciation: HAY-tin? [name]HAT[/name]-on? HAW-ton? Its becomes much clearer when you explain the Manhatton connection, but to me, it still looks like “hatin’” as is “hating”. If you’re looking for something unique that still fits in with the trends (a bit of an oxymoron there, isn’t it?), this is a nice choice, especially if Manhatton is a meaningful place to you. I don’t think it would be received as too weird. [name]Zane[/name] is a cool middle name choice!

Overall, Hatton-pros: fits in the trend, but is a bit unusual - Hatton-cons: looks like hating, reminds me of the female name [name]Hattie[/name].

If you love it, I think you should go for it, but just keep the cons in mind. Good luck!

  • [name]Sydnee[/name]

I also never heard it before but I don’t think it’s too weird.

It works. Hutton in a fave of mine and Hatton is very close.

If the name is inspired by Manhattan, you might want to consider spelling it “Hattan” instead of “Hatton”.