Have I gone mad?

We’re settled on the names for the twins, so we won’t be using this, but …

[name]Margery[/name] is growing on me. Am I crazy? Could it come back in ten or so years? [name]How[/name] much does it remind you of margerine?

I prefer the [name]Marjorie[/name] spelling, but I think it’s definitely charming and I can see the attraction (as long as you can avoid nn [name]Marge[/name]). I probably wouldn’t use it myself though, unless I had a personal connection . . .

i have NEVER thought of margarine when i hear this name! i think who ever wrote that has gone mad! although i have to admit i like the [name]Marjorie[/name] spelling better… I think its super cute!

It’s on my short list for first or middle. I never thought of margarine until I read that somewhere too. Also torn on spelling. I think I prefer [name]Margery[/name] when I look at it, but [name]Marjorie[/name] seems more delicate. Is that crazy? Plus, I think it’s the more common spelling (in the US) and what everyone would use as default.

Margarine - Not at all, and I still won’t think of it that way after having seen the comparison.

It seems I don’t like most of the old names that have come back. It turns out there are a few “terminally dated” ones I like. I’ve mentioned [name]Lois[/name] before, but I forgot to mention [name]Marjorie[/name]. It looks pretty this way, while [name]Margery[/name] is just a rather silly-looking nickname.

I does not give me margarine vibes either.

I like the spelling of [name]Margery[/name] over [name]Marjorie[/name] but I cannot love the name.

It does remind me of the “See Saw [name]Marjorie[/name] [name]Daw[/name]” rhyme.

I prefer these more

[name]Mary[/name] [name]Anne[/name]

There was a [name]Marjorie[/name] on [name]America[/name]'s Next Top Model a couple cycles ago (yes, it’s my guilty pleasure show!) which prompted me to add [name]Marjorie[/name] to my long list. It’s no longer a contender, but I do think it’s lovely. I’m actually suprised I don’t see it on more lists, I think it’s definitely ready for a comeback.

I’ve always liked the name, but I had a neighbour whose name was [name]Marjorie[/name] when I was little and I remember me and all the other kids on the block thinking (genuinely) her name was Margarine.

But again, this was the perspective of five and six year olds . . . so . . .

I like [name]Marjorie[/name] :slight_smile:

I like the name a lot too!! Margarine does not cross my mind. I think the older spelling is [name]Margery[/name] (1800s). Of course, Marjoriie is the better-known, standard spelling now.