Have you ever been friends with someone who ..?

then suggest the next one

i will start

your parents disproved of

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took something of yours?

me and my friend have lost track of who owns what by now lol

someone who is significantly older/younger than you?

Yes. If 8 years is significant.

Who hated all of your hobbies?

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Yes. It’s boring.

Who is very opposite of you? (For example, introvert vs extrovert, studious vs athletic, etc)


Was mean to other people?

Online, yes…

Have you been friends with someone that liked anime?


Disliked your siblings?

In a genuine they-hate-them way, no, but like they-find-them-annoying-but-still-love-them way yes

Had some very negative personality traits?

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Yes, unfortunately.

HYEBFWS who is autistic/on the autism spectrum?

Yep, most of my current friendship group

Was a different religion to you?


has your birthday?

we weren’t friends, but I was classmates with twins who shared my birthday!

was very rich?

Not VERY rich, but super well-off, yes-ish.

Who loved the way they looked and bragged about it all the time?