Have you ever had a crush on ...?

then suggest the next one

i will start

one of your parents friends?

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i was like “ew… wait have i?” anyways the answers no haha

on a siblings friend?

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nope (that’d be creepy given that her friends are younger than me by quite a bit)

a teacher?

nope! and i hope it remains that way.

an actor?

Oh, totally. Crushes on them, wishing to be them, wishing to be their sister… I mean, you name it. So many! :laughing:

Your neighbor?

They’re all old :joy: So no, haha

Your best friend’s partner? :eyes:

No - once I know someone’s in relationship they’re immediately unattractive to me (this doesn’t necessarily hold true for celebrities tho)

Your friends crush?

sadly this has happened before :sob: i didn’t even know that she also liked them

your friend’s sibling?

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Yes! When I was in elementary school my best friend at the time had a “hot older brother.”

Someone who was outwardly your enemy?


your sibling’s partner?

thankfully no

someone you knew from early childhood?


your best friend?


A totally appropriate person that you could see a real future with?

Yes! I still think we would’ve been a good match & happy together, but maybe not as happy as with other people

The opposite of what was described in the previous question?

Ummm :point_right: :point_left: Yeah I guess.

On someone way older than you?

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A character in a book?

See my profile pic

A coworker? (if you work)


only a little

your teacher?

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A comedian?


Someone way younger than you?