Have you ever heard the name Snowden?

I met a guy about 15 years ago named Snowden who was from an upper crust family and the name stuck. I have yet to hear it since. It might work on a girl? WDYT?

I dont know, it could work but it just sounds like two different words mashed together to me, “Snowed in”

It’s the name of a mountain in [name]England[/name]. Never heard it as a first name before

Yuck. Sounds made up and tryndee to me…or like a prep school brat. Not my style at all.

I was sent to a gastroenterologist once who had this as a fn. He was quite elderly. It might be a pretty girl’s namewith the right mn.

Might have been a surname? It’s not one of the usual surnames people just like and use, so it might have been his mother’s or grandmother’s maiden name, or actually a name of a relative. I’d call that a good reason to use it. It loses something on the usage if you just like it. I don’t like the way it sounds, the SNODE part particularly. It has no romance whatsoever just taking it up for no reason, and names that end with a -den sound, especially one that’s not heard of, come off particularly a little made up/trendy. It’s as if you wanted to name someone [name]Snow[/name], but felt that a little hippy-dippy, you transformed it into a respectable “sounding” real-name name with a little help from handy dandy -den.

Again, I do think it’s perfectly reasonable to use if it’s someone’s real name, and it carries family meaning.

Snowed in? Or snow den, like an igloo? Sorry, I think it’s awful as a name.

The eponymous mountain is in [name]Wales[/name], IIRC. Also the surname of one of [name]George[/name] [name]Clooney[/name]'s exes - [name]Lisa[/name] Snowden. She was a D-list celeb in [name]Britain[/name], famous for being famous, mostly.

I once read a novel in which the main character was called Snohomish (nn [name]Snow[/name]), after the city in [name]Washington[/name].