Have you ever lied about liking somebody's kid's name when you actually hated it?

And if you have what was the name?

I was just in this situation with my boss. She was throwing a mini baby shower with a name reveal.
The name? H@nnil3igh@ Y0rklynn

I thought it was a joke at first but then I realized that it was not in fact a joke and she really IS going to name her child that horrific name. She asked everyone what they thought and EVERYONE said they loved it!? My boss is the sweetest person ever, I never ever want to hurt her feelings so I too said I liked it but deep down I was screaming.

Am I horrible? I feel horrible but I just couldn’t bring myself to tell her I absolutely hated it. I didn’t want to ruin her happiness in that moment.

Anyway, have any of you guys experienced anything like this?

Of course you’re not horrible! What would have been horrible is if you’d proclaimed – at her baby shower and in front of all of her guests – that you found her choice of name “horrific”.

I understand the sentiment (I’m sure we’ve all been there, and I’m equally sure that many people strongly dislike my children’s names) but I’d be wary of posting on a publicly accessible website about your hatred for this name. [name_m]Plenty[/name_m] of people Google their kids’ full names, whether just for fun or to check for other associations… Would you like your boss to stumble across this post if she searches for her daughter’s name?

That is an exceptionally terrible name. I understand not wanting to tell her that it’s horrible. Did she say anything about the name or why she chose it? When she asked everyone what they thought, how exactly did that go?
[name_m]Boss[/name_m]: What do you all think?
Everyone: We love it!
[name_m]Boss[/name_m]: Oh, good, I was worried it might be too unique!
It seems like she was inviting commentary by asking? I would have asked how she came up with it…

*to answer the title question, yes absolutely. She named her [name_f]Madilynn[/name_f], isn’t that beautiful?? uhmmm…yes, so beautiful…
Also I agree with @katinka you may want to add some special characters (ie Addis0n) to the first and middle names so that your boss doesn’t see your posting harping on her babys name

Oh, yikes. Poor kid. But I agree with PPs, edit out her name so your boss can’t find it on Google. Or anyone who knows her/the kid either.

But yes, I have. I didn’t want to hurt their feelings.

I don’t have many peers having kids atm but I would probably say something like “Oh, that’s very interesting/unique!” I wouldn’t explicitly say I love it when I don’t, but I wouldn’t say anything negative.

LOL. I was only saying to my husband last week that I’m 100% sure people lie about liking our kids names.

With a… unique name like that, she can’t expect to get no positive reactions, but I think most people would lie about liking a name. I’ve definitely heard names I personally haven’t been a fan of, and praised them, because lets face it - their parents must like their names and have chosen them for a reason, even if we don’t personally understand it. So when I hear a name that I think is bad I just praise it. It’s not worth hurting feelings over.

Who doesn’t? I try not to comment on kids’ names if I don’t like them, but when its one of your best friends or family members’ kids I feel like its kind of a social obligation to say something nice, even if you don’t actually have anything nice to say at all. This is the case with one of by best friends’ newborn…my husband said something nice and I agreed and/or said something nice that wasn’t true. LOL kind of a funny topic.

I don’t think anyone likes that the name they picked is horrible. In a public setting like a baby shower, I wouldn’t say a word. However, if it’s more intimate setting, I am much more open. In this case I would say “Well my two favorite girl names are currently Susan and Sally- well known, straight forward spelling, and underused classics. Your name seems like several names pushed together and frilly. Just very different than me”.

That way I’m not saying the choice is horrible. I am pointing out characteristics that she probably already knows and show casing my style. They can see we are worlds apart… I am no longer obligated to gush over a name I dislike and she isn’t expected to gush over my choices.

I just don’t say anything if I don’t like the name. Which I think people probably catch on to and might find rude, but bottom line is I’m not very good at lying and I don’t like to feel insincere. I don’t think my opinion should have an impact on whether they like the name or not unless they specifically ask for it, so it’s not as big a deal in my eyes if they know I don’t like the name.

The name you have mentioned does seem burdensome in ways that go beyond just taste. That said, I would remove it or your boss or someone who knows her or the daughter herself will find this post one day. Also because privacy concerns.

Wow I didn’t even think about that, you are absolutely right. Scolding myself for not thinking as clearly. I’ve changed the letters up a bit. Thank you for pointing that out to me.

I did actually! A few people did, and oh my god you’re never gonna believe how she came up with the name. The first part- H@nni is from her favorite tv show… or movie? Fricking [name_m]Hannibal[/name_m] Lecter… yeah. Name your kid after a murderous cannibal. I was shook. L3igh@- the second part is to honor her mother [name_f]Leah[/name_f] but she decided to “change it up a bit”.

Y0rklynn is because she was born in [name_m]New[/name_m] Y0rk and [name_u]Lynn[/name_u] is her husband’s father’s middle name.

I don’t ever use this phrase but I think this moment warrants it… I. Can’t. [name_m]EVEN[/name_m].

Dear God, that is AWFUL lol

I’m gonna bet this girl is gonna end up just going by [name_f]Hannah[/name_f].

In this situation, I try my best to say nothing. I might make a pretty neutral comment.

“My friend loves that name!” “Oh yeah that’s starting to become popular!” “Very classic!” “Very unique!”

Basically I try to gauge when this is a potential conversation going nowhere and just end it. Because honestly, I wouldn’t expect love for my names either. Though if my opinion is straight up asked, in a serious manner, not in a flippant way like at a party, we can get down to business. But I’m still going to try to figure out their style and taste and work from there.

Yes! It’s so strange when someone you respect or admire chooses something really unexpected!
I would likely say something like: “It has tons of cute nick name potential!” Or just change the subject…”aw choosing a name is so fun, bet you’re excited to meet her!”
I agree with the previous posters that I try to stay neutral!

Oh, all the time! I usually respond, “Oh cute” and try to change subject. I’ll ask, “[name_m]How[/name_m] did you decide on that name?” I genuinely do love finding out how people chose certain names. Sometimes it changes my opinion, but usually not. lol. The worst name I’ve heard so far is [name_m]Rock[/name_m] [name_u]Lynn[/name_u], but without the K and smushed together.

Holy . . . that name is truly hideous. I don’t even know what it is. It’s like the Frankenstein of names. It’s aliiiiiiiiiive.

And yeah, I think most of us pretend to like names we hate. Sometimes, depending on how well I know the person, I’ll say something more like “it’s not the type of name I’m into, but it’s different and I’m glad you found something you guys love!” But if I don’t know the person super well, I’ll just gush “Wow so cute” even though it’s the opposite of true. It’s just politeness.

I don’t understand the dislike. It’s not my cup of tea, but there’s tons of similar names around [name_u]America[/name_u]. I would definitely disapprove these names, but currently & forever, it’s not my business, so I would probably say it’s interesting name or maybe even lie and say I like it, because why not?

There is a Scandinavian name Hanneli which I find pretty, but that spelling is really bizarre.

I’d just say it’s “nice” out of politeness. I wouldn’t want to hurt the parents’ feelings, even if I don’t think the name is a good choice.

As an ultrasound tech, I get to hear a lot of children’s names. Many of them I like, but there are some I don’t. When that happens I do tend to try to find something nice to say about it, like “aww, so classic” or “unique.” I believe that everyone is entitled to their own choice/taste so I don’t want to hurt their feelings.