What do you think of the name Hawkyns for a boy? I heard it the other day and really liked the sound of it. Thx

Hawkins would be better. I don’t care for it that much, but [name]Hawk[/name] would be a cute nickname.

I like Hawkins. And [name]Hawk[/name] is a super cool nickname. The y in Hawkyns just looks unnatural though.

I think Hawkins could definitely work with the surnames-as-first-names trend that is so big right now. Plus the nickname [name]Hawk[/name] could be cool, especially for a boy who loves the outdoors. I would avoid the Hawkyns spelling though. People generally replace vowels with a Y when they’re trying to make the name look feminine. And to be honest, a youneek spelling of an already unique name is just overdoing it.